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Angry- Shall I drop the baby?

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Case study with a beautiful client with a heart of gold, who had Anger issues

My client is a self-confessed "Dead Gorgeous" late twenties year old with a "killer body" and a 7 month old. The body is something that is not a given, but requires hard-work, so its especially valuable. There is just one problem. Every time he hears his son cry, like before naps and sleep time, if he’s crying and fussing, which he does a lot of being a baby- he feels violently angry, he feels like dropping him, he has to Walk Away. When we went into Regression (after hypnosis) the scenes he went to were-

Scene 1- He is about a year old, sitting on the carpet, surrounded by a few toys, but he looks Scared and Sad. In the room next door which he can see, his parents are quarreling loudly. His parents are fighting about who is going to look after the kids.

Scene 2- He is 4 years old, same room. His father is standing Really close to his elder brother and shaking and pointing his finger an inch away from his brother’s face. He is Really aggressive. His brother in the scene eventually pushes his father away and a little tussle ensues.

Scene 3- He is 11 years old, and he is laying on the ground and crying like his heart his breaking. In his body, he feels tremendous physical pressure in his heart. He’s crying and hitting the ground with his palms, his legs are thrashing. His father is standing over him SHOUTING and Really Angry. His mother comes out and after a few minutes manages to pull him away from the ground and Tries to comfort him. He feels broken. His father shouts at his mother and walks away. Scene 4- He regresses to being a baby. In his mothers arms. He watches the flimsy white curtain willowing in the wind. His mother is holding him So Tight! So Tight he can hardly breathe comfortably. She is pacing back and forth, back and forth in the room. Shes holding him, clinging on to him and pacing the room. She is Trying to get him to sleep. He feels Sad and confused. He sees his mother is crying, tears running down her face. He doesn’t know what to do? How to comfort her. His mother says shush, although he is Not crying, and keeps crying, holding him tight and pacing the room. He hears his father shouting something about him from the other room. Mother holds him tighter and paces a little faster in the room.

These were the scenes in Regression. So what is causing the Anger in parenting especially now? He feels Angry, and KNOWS this is wrong, which is why he seeks help. He knows it’s wrong but cannot control the feelings. Sound familiar? Not being able to control feelings? What was the belief, feeling and programming going into him in Scene 1? And in scene 2? And in scene 3, and scene 4?

It Is so much Easier though to make guesses when you have the story isn’t it? Before our session though, he had no memory of any of these scenes! The one from age 11 he had buried, thinking it of no importance. It was a long time ago.

And yet it is the Programming that went into the Subconscious mind that is causing the Anger in parenting now. But how do you access the subconscious mind? There are only 2 ways- REM state during deep sleep, and Clinical hypnosis, which is Science, not magic.

My client from the story above- has completely Reversed his Anger issues! How did we do it though? RTT. Pioneering Rapid Transformational Therapy. I guided him into hypnosis, a state similar-to being in Flow. He is fully aware, and has all cognitive functions, and is now using the Subconscious mind. Regression- going back to the Individual root causes of HIS issue. Then using a variety of specific “tools”, these are obviously not physical tools (disclaimer lol)- we Resolve and reinterpret and offer what is technically called ‘the cure/transformation’. Then he got an individual recording, made Specifically for him, made there and then during the session. Which He is advised to listen to for at least 21-30 days. And Success!

These are the bare details of the work I did with him. I work on mind, body and spirit, using a variety of skills and techniques.

This is just one simple case study and story of my client with a past Anger and parenting issue.

Read the explanation of the scenes and the continuation of this article in the next story- "...and now the beast comes out.." here.

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