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Isabella Ivory Cl.Hyp. RTT M.M. 

Isabella Ivory is a Healing Specialist, a certified Rapid Transformational Therapy Therapist, a certified clinical Hypnotherapist, and a Theta Healing practitioner with Outstanding Results. Her unique and extraordinary approach of combining neuroscience and the understanding of how the brain works with Ancient Wisdom, has led to Compelling and Stunning successes and life changing results for people in many countries. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate and PhD in Integrative Medicine.

She received a 100% score in her RTT written examination and had the written feedback “I would go to this therapist!” from her examiners. She studied in London- live with the founder of RTT-Marisa Peer. She is deeply respected among her peers and has a reputation for being able to work with people who have not had success with other therapists.


She lives in Dublin, Ireland with her family and children, having lived in many countries of the world including India, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and Ireland. She is multi-lingual, speaking 8 languages, fluent in 4. She sees clients face to face in person in her practice in beautiful Carrickmines in Dublin, and she sees clients Online- face to face via web conference. The results of seeing Isabella in person or Online are identical. 


Isabella is a member of the International and National Council of Psychotherapists, the RTT Alumni, and the Irish Hypnotist Register.

My Journey

"I was born in a country drenched in ancient wisdom. A country dripping with spiritualism, and diversity. God, Art, Animals, and Sports is what I loved the most growing up. I was perhaps a bit serious under all my playful naughtiness. I liked pulling pranks on people. I'm not sure it was always appreciated though. I was a typical child, I loved to laugh on silly jokes, sing and dance, monkey around, dance in the rain, talk to animals, run away with things like my elderly German neighbour’s wig. And I also had a deep interest in people, what makes them who they are? This question, has been a source of lifelong fascination for me.


I spent half my life immersed in books and learning. One of my favourite books growing up was The One thousand and one nights/The Arabian Nights.  Like Shehrezad, who was this princess who every night told a new story before the break of dawn to save her life, I realised the transformative powers of storytelling. And I find myself telling stories of human triumph of spirit and life. Just like Shehrezad, before the breaking of dawn for so many of my clients. And like Shehrezad who actually loved her broken husband and understood him and healed him with her stories, a part of me Truly Loves Each and Every Client of mine, and this special bond between us, allows me to delve deep into their lives, into their soul, and bring out a special balm of healing that is perfect and made just for them.

There are no formulas or stock answers in my approach. My way of working with my clients, involves complete immersion and deep focus on them. My clients come to see me as a Specialist in my field of Healing, helping people find Emotional Peace, Physical Health, Life Purpose and more. With me, they feel Heard, Understood, Loved, and Cared for. This plays a huge part in healing and dressing their wounds.

I rewire their beliefs, help them re-write Who they Are, I inspire them, I recognise the magnificence and greatness inside them, show them these Wonders, and how to achieve them. Through this deep-reaching and precise, skilful and inspired form of Healing and Transformation that is RTT.

RTT brought me personal healing, professional development, the ability to fulfil my Life Purpose, brought me friends, connection, knowledge, wisdom, a Tribe…and endless support, guidance and inspiration from a knowledgeable and multifaceted group of peers whom I respect, appreciate and adore.

I have made So Many Friends since starting this course and made so many amazing connections, including with my clients. The difference in my life from who I was to who I am now is, Unfathomable! The change in me, the impact this work has is all So Extreme that I can see old friends and family have had a bit of adjusting to do. 

For years I was just stuck. Stuck professionally and unable to shine. I simply didn’t have the knowledge, skills and tools that I have now. I produced beautiful art, learned a lot of theory, but didn’t quite manage to break through.

Ancient texts, ​Theta Healing, Wallace D Wattles, studying The Biology of Belief by Dr Bruce Lipton, studying Being Limitless, the Mindvalley Course from Vishen Lakhiani, studying Dr Joe Dispenza, the Law of Attraction, reading Scriptures, and Reiki, to name a few are some of the things that enriched my knowledge for what I do now. Apart from reading, the one constant spiritual practice in my life is Meditation. 


I had a long period in my life when I was sick. GI problems, numerous food intolerances, anxiety and panic attacks, agoraphobia. I wasn’t able to reach personal or professional success. I felt disconnected within and from the world around me. I healed myself slowly over the years, I had been on a long journey of healing.

I had healed myself of emotional trauma, mystery illnesses the doctors had no cure for, and a fibroid tumour which simply went away, that really wasn’t supposed to. However, I could have saved myself Years of unnecessary suffering if I had discovered what I know now. 


One of the great challenges though is that RTT which I use largely, combining it at times with what I call Ancient Wisdom, this is still in the early stages of awareness. So when you tell people RTT and my method can help with all these issues, they are at times sceptical. How can one science, modality, methodology heal so many things??? They look at it with a certain disbelief, except those who try it who having had personal success, they are lyrical. But it’s like saying- “What? How can you walk, and talk, and eat, and drink, and dream, and jump, and dive, create and play and shake, and laugh etc- all in one being, one person?”

It’s like this- anything that requires the human mind, and has in it human experience- RTT can target, find, understand, Command cooperation and Heal.

I have learnt more now about people from my Practice and my clients than I could have learnt from reading books. This is because people and their experiences are unique, and Infinite. Working with their consciousness, and gaining insight with them, my own consciousness also increases.

I could never have predicted the extraordinary successes I have seen my clients achieve. To be able to play a part in that is humbling….

Examples of my recent successes:
- Helping a client use the power of her mind to command her body into Walking again

- Helping people with Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Anger

- Helping a client with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) able to stop new lesion growth in the brain, and bring up the required B-cells in their blood, another to walk normal after just 4 weeks

- Helping a client recover from Childhood Trauma, find Life Purpose, change professions and find Success

- Helping people to make True Connections with people, themselves, and find emotional peace

- Helping someone with multiple health conditions, get specific blood markers in balance and chronic multiple infections down
- The list goes on...
I have worked with many illnesses, issues and conditions.
One of my special successes is the extraordinary story of Natalie. A Dance Instructor and Medical Professional- From being wheelchair bound to be able to walk again. Natalie could not walk for almost a year after suffering multiple brain hemorrhages after a violent incident. After some pre-session work and One Therapy program with me, this brave and amazing lady could walk again to the astonishment of everyone. She had had numerous therapies in a highly advanced rehabilitation center, but nothing had helped with the walking. 


What happened to Natalie? I started working with her a few months before our session date. The first thing I did when she reached out to me after reading one of my case files and testimonials, was to meditate. Her case was So complex and medically serious.

‘Can anyone help her? Can she heal...heal from this? Its now more than half a year that she has had this trauma and is in the same medical state of not being able to walk. In one of the most advanced countries in Europe, in a fantastic facility where they try various therapies with her. She has suffered little strokes, blood clots in her brain, has problems even with speech, movement and concentration. How do we get through to her? Is she even a candidate for the kind of therapy I offer?' I asked my inner self.

The answer came back, ‘Yes.'
'Okay, But, will I be the one to help her?' I asked, almost looking for reasons not to take her on.
The answer spontaneous and to the point came back. ‘Yes.'

But who was I asking? The question I suppose is of an inner self belief. That is required and also essential.


How a person whose motor receptors are not functioning, who has suffered multiple and recent brain haemorrhages, and had to learn to even move, learn again to button a shirt, pick up a spoon, edge little by little to the side of the bed, learn to write, and who was told by medical professionals that they may never be able to return to walking and normal life.... for such a person after 1 Therapy program with me to be able to walk again is defying all known and familiar norms.

And yet, the challenge in changing these beliefs of what is possible? What should be the curve of healing in complex cases like this? What is humanly possible to achieve by commanding the mind through the Subconscious, by directing through Focused Healing/Prayers? All of these new challenges to our perceived notions of what is Possible, what is Normal? It is nothing new.

13 Oct 2019 - Messages:

Dear Natalie,
I didn't hear back from you since yesterday and I'm wondering how you are?

I wrote to her, worried. Barely 12 hours had passed since I had contact with her. She had indicated her progress, but I was worried, in case...

Dear Isabella,
I hope you are ok…please don't be alarmed. I am doing rather well.

And it seems almost unreal, I can walk at the table myself and SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE! Not being wheeled or shoved to the table is such a massive re-establishing of a life quality I can hardly describe.



A day after our session she could walk out of her house. Go with the sunshine on her face....Can you imagine, can you understand her joy? Can you understand...My joy?

What to some defies 'reason', meaning the familiar of the present age, should actually not so much fuel surprise, but rather, be an open Invitation to chart the less known territories of the Possible.

The first time someone decided, let's instead of using hides and such as we find to cover ourselves, let's take a ball of cotton and squeeze it and get a spool of thread out of it. Then use that thread to weave a piece of cloth. Then use that woven piece of fabric and Stitch together some garments. They must have seemed Odd. Odd.

Yet there is the evolution of an invention. And in that period of evolution, at some point the new, the different, the impossible, this cannot be, Becomes the new norm. There are many examples of the long line of historical prosecution of scientists and people with new beliefs that challenged the Norm. And yet going for new paths is how we discover new things and new realities just like Columbus' discovery of India/ America.

What happens when you go to uncharted territory? What would you find? Certainly it is not for everyone to want to venture out into the unknown. And yet it is Everyone who eventually benefits. That's what explorers do, they take risks, and they go for the unknown.

29 May 1953, Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norway became the first climbers confirmed to have reached the summit of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, believed till then to be Un-climbable! Fast forward to May 2019, “Mount Everest Is Now So Busy Climbers Are Dying in Traffic Jams ”. It's become ‘normal' to be able to climb Everest. People are setting off in expeditions to Experience what was once not deemed possible.

My session with Natalie lasted more than 6 hours. The details of how we had success is not in conveying to you that Regression showed this cause and that cause, RTT tools showed this or that. The script I used was such and such.

My success which I share, I believe, is in completely UNDERSTANDING and tuning in to my clients. Being the detective, the Seer, the skilled physician, the soul friend. Being the 'da Vincian' child holding the magnifying glass- full of curiosity and completely focused. Being the devotee with the prayer on the lips, the commander of the victorious forces. Being the humble servant...Serving.

Come join me. Sending out my love, my devotion and my commitment." Isabella Ivory

"All is well that ends well. And your story is still being written!"

- Isabella Ivory

Isabella with the Amazing Marisa Peer

Some of the awards won by RTT, including Best Pharmaceutical Product of the Year

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