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My Story continued from the previous section on the home page... 

Those 13 days I spent in hospital, ended up becoming the catalyst for change in me. I didn't waltz, strut or march out of that hospital. While my mind was now ablaze or lit up with sparks of inspiration flying around, kind of like watching an ironmonger hammer molten metal together with sparks flying. My body still needed to recover.

Would you believe me when I tell you that it was hard even getting from the hospital ward to the car to go home? It's true, it was. While my body may still have been weak, my mind had found it seemed some sort of missing piece or like a shot of an elixir that gave superpowers, my body had much mending to do and followed suit like a straggler being pushed forward in a marching army that would leave no one behind.

After a few months, I had made a physical transformation. Although people still looked at me like it was temporary. Or like a game, I was playing that I was bound to tire of and go back to my old ways of being the weak and delicate one. My husband supported me completely, and without his help, love and support, I would never have made it through my darkest hours. 

At this time I also got very interested in Manifesting, and the law of attraction. This then opened up even more channels of information. For the next few years, I gorged on information, books, knowledge and learning like a hungry shipwrecked person just rescued and back home.

Some peculiar things started happening too. I had always had dreams, but they now became more vivid at times, and could often tell me about important things that were to happen. To this day, I still have these dreams, which on occasion have even had dramatic impacts on my clients' lives. 

After my own healing was complete after countless self-help, and courses and studies, I was ready to help others. And again some people laughed at me, told me I was stupid, and reminded me that I would never amount to much. 

Who was I, after all, to dare to help others when I myself had been sick and 'amounted to nothing'? I kept quiet, put my head down and got to work. 

First finishing a couple of intense professional degrees, where I went in feeling like a lost girl trying to prove I'm not worthless, and being utterly surprised when I aced every exam- theory and practical that I took. It seems God and the universe had now plans for me. And I had finally managed to get on the right boat. Everything was going for me in so many ways.

We moved to Ireland, which I loved immediately just as much as I had loved Italy, The Netherlands, India, Germany, and the U.K.. All places where I have ties with. And finally our family expanded to include our two angels, our daughters born 15 months apart, and immediately hailed as 'Irish twins', setting their own foothold strongly in this land that adopted us with open arms, and that we adopted right back with love and tremendous admiration. 

Today the thing that makes me So Intensely Happy is the fact that I know in my heart and mind, that I was that kid, that little person, who wanted to grow up and do something for the world. And I am living my purpose, helping others Reclaim their Power, and live lives filled with greatness, using the power of science backed methods as well as knowledge from 'ancient wisdom'. 


Here's one of the Biggest lessons I learned from my own journey, it's not enough to simply be interested, or even deeply believe in something. You have to go all out and be Committed in order to get results.

All my life I had loved healing and development, I wanted to do something and contribute. But while I had the interest I simply did not commit enough to make it happen. As one of my gurus from Australia said, "It's not enough to just be 'poking around', you have to get going, be disciplined and committed".

I had been like an aimless shopper in a market, seeing the wares, but neither stopping long enough, nor taking enough committed interest to reap the rewards.

I learned my lesson though, and apart from being committed, I learned to find the right teachers and sources. And gave learning from them my whole committed attention. I learned that there are many things that one can do and learn on ones own. And there are many things when you have the right and skilled teachers and experts in their subject, well they can minimise the time for learnings and skills hugely. 

It's kind of like building a house, a car, or anything. Yes you can do anything, even if you don't know how to do it, but being around someone who knows what they are doing, just makes it so much faster, quicker, better. Without any of the struggles that one faces alone. 

And as we fellow healers and therapists know, working on yourself is kind of like being an elephant and trying to pinpoint the location of a fly on your behind. You cannot see clearly, what someone else who has that oversight can. That's why we also love working on ourselves with other experts. 



People who spend their lifetimes working at and researching something, have a lot to offer I realised. And by putting away my own habitual 'somewhat distrust', I could absorb the best from all my teachers and studies. I also learned that my habitual somewhat distrust was also as a result of trauma/ or bad experiences that had conditioned me.


Now when I look back to my life then and now, there is no comparison, and I think to myself, what was I thinking then?



Clarity, focus, calm, discipline, service, love, kindness,  sharing, caring, humility, respect for others and also respect for self, and gratitude, are some of the values I stand by. 

Every day I wake up, and am so humbled with the results and wellbeing of my clients. People call me a 'miracle-worker', but I simply think of what I do as an intensely focused expression of all the research, passion and studies that have shaped me. My clients have gone from being paralyzed to walking again, jobless and hopeless to working in some of the most elite institutes of the world, multiple clients reaching 6 figures and almost all earning more than they started with. Healing multiple illnesses, being free of depression and anxiety, and more. 


Although a huge portion of my clientele is from around the world. Thanks to the Internet, most of my client consultations and sessions are online via video conference. This is great because it is a tremendous comfort for people to be able to have powerful therapeutic experiences from the comfort of their own homes. 

I am multi-lingual, speaking 8 languages, fluent in 4. I truly feel like a global citizen.
I have a double Bachelors, a double Masters, and am currently doing a Ph.D. and doctorate in Integrative Medicine. 

I am the Founder of Integrative Alchemy™️-INTAL. And also the signature process Secret Code Program. 

My Bachelors are in - English Literature (Hon.)-(University of Delhi, India) and Bachelors in Holistic Health Sciences (Quantum University, USA). My two Masters are in- Museology (Reinwardt Academy, The Netherlands) and completion of Master in Natural Medicine (October 2022, Quantum University, USA). I am currently working towards a Doctorate and Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine (Quantum University, USA). 

It's a lot of academic work you may be thinking, and there's still more. I always feel my Dad must have a smile 😊 knowing. Especially since I was the teen who wanted to drop out of school, but he first cajoled me into staying by changing schools, and then I wanted to drop out of college, but he insisted I at least give my exams. And here I am today with all these titles and pleasure from research, creativity, and experimentation.

Apart from academic work, I also had a career as an Artist. I used to paint. I wrote a novel and still write poetry. I also studied Film Direction, and Web design right after college. I am very grateful for my life experiences that have added so many dimensions and colour to my life. 

One of the best ways to know more about me is to connect with me via my social media accounts linked on the bottom of the page. Just click on the icons and Like, Subscribe, and Follow. 

I have been told that I am deeply respected among my peers and have a reputation for being able to work with people who have not had success with other therapists. Read the article about me featured on the Marisa Peer- RTT website here.


But most of all, if you are here because you are committed (not just interested) to your own success and mastery, be sure to head on to the Service Page or the Home Page to find out how Exactly the programs and challenge I offer are designed to extract, enhance and invigorate the Best in You. 


Specialist Skills for Healing include:​




  • SECRET CODE PROGRAM (signature process)














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