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- Did you ever dream of being truly happy, healthy and successful?

- Did you ever dream of being the very Best version of yourself, and living that dream day by day?

- Did you ever dream of completely recovering from the issues of the past, and all that has held you back so far?

- Did you ever dream of being a hero /heroine of your life, and having your talents and abilities recognised, valued and appreciated?

- Did you ever dream of loyal and devoted connections who truly care about You and your wellbeing?

Tremendous success in all areas of personal and professional life, creating a life of wealth and abundance, adopting the mindset of a winner, rewiring for success, healing relationships, having ultimate confidence and leadership, healing physical issues, getting healthier and fitter, stopping addictions, unleashing productivity and momentum, and believing in self and making their biggest dreams come true, are just some of the successes my clients have achieved with me, over and over, and what you can do too!

And it's easy, fast, and lasting when you use the correct principles for success in each area. 

When you work with people's mindsets and show them how to use their abilities to the best and highest potential, it unleashes magic in all areas of their life. The mind and how one thinks affects every area of one's life. And there are positive patterns of thinking and behaving that can be trained and unhealthy patterns that can be rewired for phenomenal success. This creates then the right environment for making lifelong dreams and ambitions unfold into Certainty.

If you have something that you would like to change/transform/enhance/resolve in your life-

Take a moment to ask yourself, and let your imagination run free:
1 - What issues in your life do you need to resolve?

2 - What would solving these issues mean for you?

- Envision- how does your life look without these issues?

- What is the value of solving these issues for you?
5- Are you ready right now to dive into the process that will help you overcome your issues?

The five particular ways I work are:
1- Conscious Mind Work- Creating Your Blueprint
2- Subconscious-Mind Based Therapy (Including RTT® - Rapid Transformational Therapy, therapy/coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP)
3- Integrative Medicine - modern-day, and Secrets from Ancient Wisdom. (Physical and Vital body assessment and balancing. Includes individualized recommendations).
4- Individualised Constructive Tools for Self-Discovery

5- Intuitive Work, Guidance

You will gain Confidence, Focus, Clarity, Goal Setting, Career advice, Winners Mindset, Emotional Support and Guidance, Resilience, and more.

Appointments fill up fast, so book your program early to avoid disappointment!

Details of the therapy process are also outlined in the video that was on the homepage. If you didn't see it yet, click below and at the bottom of this page and watch from around 2.15 minutes into the video, for the therapy program process explained.
If you prefer to read, skip ahead and read the text below the video. 


Choose your option
Investing in your goals

Click on the pictures to go into details of each program and booking links:


The Secret Code Program is my most advanced and flagship offering. It's a multidimensional program with intense and rapid progress possibilities. Its goal is to help a person reach their true potential, achieve self-actualization, emotional and physical health, and life purpose. Depending on your needs, the program is tailored to meet those needs. 




Integrative Rapid Transform and Heal Program is my most advanced 1-month therapy program to get the amazing results you require. All my specialist skills are included in this package. Your healing experience includes more than one therapy day in the month. It includes one intensive therapy day as well as 1 mini healing/therapy session along with additional coaching calls. Multiple packages can be booked, with each program dealing with a single topic. 

Standard RTT Therapy is a one-month therapy program that includes advanced expert RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy). In this program, you will receive an RTT therapy session along with coaching to help you further your goals. It is a streamlined process with one therapy session and one follow-up call.


Quantum Coaching Package is perfect to help people achieve their goals, using advanced multidimensional coaching methods with a holistic approach. Sessions are lower intensity than previous ones and involve no hypnosis, but are spread out over a longer time period generally. The popular package is a 4 session package. 

Read more in-depth about the program that can lead to the results you are looking for.