"I had a session of RTT with Isabella...This was to get to the root of an issue that had been raised by another therapist with me, and was very disturbing. I needed it resolved. Isabella took great care to understand my issue, and make sure she could help me. She is extremely intuitive and sensitive in all her communications, and I trusted her totally. She has a natural knack of knowing things that you maybe had even only thought. The therapy with her was extremely powerful, and got to the root of my issue, as well as dealing with other things that came up that I had not thought were relevant, but obviously were - that is how the unconscious mind works.  Isabella will direct you through the process, carefully and calmly. She has a wisdom that puts another slant on your own understanding.  Her voice is lovely and calming, and makes listening to the recording a pleasure. It is difficult to say what the changes for me have been in a quantitive way, but daily I notice small changes in my attitude to big issues that have been overshadowing me, and a new sense of calmness and direction. I cannot recommend Isabella highly enough for being able to help you with whatever issue you may have."  
-LP, Medical Doctor, U.K

This is the remarkable healing and transformation experienced by Katherine. A beautiful and articulate young woman who had some 'personal struggles' that she was having difficulty with. Enjoy the amazing story in Katherine's own words, and also enjoy the wonderful sounds of the birds and nature around her.
"Hi, my name is Catherine. I recently had a session done with Isabella Ivory and I would highly recommend her as a therapist. Now, she did a session on me and the breakthroughs I had during that session were amazing. She really dug deep to find the route-cause of my issues and even when things weren’t coming up clearly, she would reassure you and would then help you move passed it and the way she worked around it, really allowed you to feel
comfortable to actually be able to express how you were feeling. Now I did have some traumatic scenes and she did so beautifully in being able to get me to feel comfortable enough to allow these scenes to come up. She does an absolute wonderful job at healing you and allowing you to process what has happened Now, I can’t recommend her enough. She is an absolutely beautiful therapist.
The experiences I had during the session, my whole body started shaking at one point, and I had tingles from head to toe and it’s like nothing I have ever experienced before! She went above and beyond to make sure that my healing was deep, and she did a lovely, lovely recording for me to listen to afterwards, which I have been listening to every single day. To say that it has been working, it absolutely has. So, I have had major breakthroughs with the kind of session that I had. I have had the breakthroughs that I have been looking for and she
has honestly made my life feel so much easier. I have a better connection with my daughter and everything just feels a lot smoother and although I have had some ups and downs, she has always been there to support me afterwards to make sure that it’s taking full effect and to ensure that I am keeping on track and yes, it’s done so many good things to me and I am so appreciative of you Isabella, thank you so much and as I said, I would absolutely highly, highly recommend her as a therapist for absolutely anybody! Thank you!"
- Katherine, Australia

"After my session with Isabella Ivory I felt released and I could understand and be sorry for the child that I was. I definitely understood how neglectful my environment was with me and that was the reason I carried so much feelings that did not serve my purpose in life. I healed the child that I used to be through my tears. I did not know I had so many tears inside me. I survived all those years with pain in my chest and shame. But I left the session free, because I know who I am now. I am not that child who was abused with words and action. I am a great soul, I am enough. I do not need anybody to control me. I need only myself. Now that I am free from the shame and I know that I am enough I am committed to rechange my life and do great things. I am enough. I could not go through without the trust and faith that I had in the moment with Isabella. She was there holding my hand and guiding me to access and helping to heal my child. Isabella is the best therapist I ever had and she is definitely committed for the best of her clients. This is her purpose in life. I highly recommend her as a therapist. Thank you Isabela, I love your spirit and the way you care about people. This is what makes you the best therapist. It is hard to find a therapist who really wants to help others. 
Thank you so much.  We are together in this journey." 
-Alessandra, Dublin

"The session with Isabella made a remarkable difference to me immediately. In fact, my girlfriend and my daughter also both noticed positive changes in me straight away. (After a day out with a friend and someone I’d not met before, my daughter said that I was “lovelier, friendlier, more open.” She didn’t know about the hypnotherapy session). There is a concept in theatrical improvisation called ‘wimping’. It means avoiding making an active contribution that helps steer the performance. It is not considered to be a good thing, because it puts pressure on the other actors. In a way I have often ‘wimped’ in social situations - not ‘social anxiety’, but more like feeling uninvolved, subtly feeling like whatever group I was in, I was somehow an outsider. After one session with Isabella, I do not ‘wimp' any more. My goal for the session was to naturally feel connected with people in social situations and easily make connections, contributions and friendships. I would like people to see that I am friendly, warm and genuinely interested in them and their lives.
Isabella explored the issue with me so she understood it properly before beginning the hypnosis. She had a lot of helpful relevant knowledge. I was familiar with the causes of the issue, but in the hypnosis session came to understand how the events had affected me more profoundly and comprehensively than ever before.
During the session, Isabella was very encouraging that we were on the right track, so would be an ideal therapist for clients who are nervous about the process.
The hypnosis recording which Isabella made for me was powerful, well structured and comprehensive, and her voice is very good to listen to ... and the audio quality was very good! I know this will make a huge positive difference in my life over the next weeks, months and years.
It is impossible to put a monetary value on such a wonderful change."
-Daniel, London


"I had an incredible RTT session with Isabella on money blocks. Isabella is truly gifted and she put her heart in the session, it's was an incredible experience as she did more than just RTT. Being a healer she saw more in me, got to the bottom of the money issue and truly turned it around as I now believe that there is abundance in the world, that the universe is not asking for anything in exchange and that I can have what I wish for. Isabella put me in a super relaxed state, empowered me and helped me change my beliefs, she's amazing! She humble and so gifted, I trusted her from the beginning. I loved every minute of the session and plus I can listen to her beautiful voice on my personalised recording. Thank you so much for the powerful session, I'm really grateful! Thank you Isabella!!!!”
Two days later-
I want to thank you for the wonderful session you gave me and I truly believe in myself that I can have exactly what I want, thank you! Plus one neighbour of mine, that I helped out a month ago, payed me £ X yesterday. I wasn't expecting anything, but money just comes to me because of you, I'm truly grateful! Thank you a million times!!!!" 
-Camelia, London  


"My session with Isabella was nothing short of amazing. As an experienced RTT follower, who also had 3 sessions before with professionals, this was the most unique session where I got a chance to dive much more deeper into my subconscious. I had a problem with trusting myself, and I was not able to see scenes, but with Isabella's approach of using different techniques, I was able to go back to scenes where I could see how much they affected me in my entire life. She is also very intuitive and wise; when I struggled describing things, she led the way and helped me to see things more clearly. Our session was 2 days ago, but I can see why certain things happened in my life the way they are and their repeating patterns. For that, I'm very grateful to Isabella! Lastly, the recording she made was very soothing and very on point on the issue that I came her for. I cannot wait 21 days to end, so that I can start noticing the permanent changes in my life."
-Ozge, Canada

"I am so grateful for the transformational session provided by Isabella, an extremely skilled, compassionate and intuitive therapist. Isabella has a unique gift in creating a safe and nurturing space that enabled me to walk down the corridors of my past, and with her brilliant intuitive and creative skills helped me to understand and make sense of what was holding me back, and guided me to release beliefs and opinions that no longer served me in a positive way. Following my session and listening to the wonderful recording that really spoke to me, I feel so much lighter and finally feel I can put down the heavy burden that I have carried around for most of my life and truly start to value and believe in myself. I thoroughly recommend you work with Isabella who will definetly change your life.....Thank you so much Isabella for helping me to find my true self."
-Ben, London

"I had the privilege to have an RTT session with the wonderful Isabella Ivory. It was during my meditation that I received the guidance to reach out to her and I knew I had to follow it. We connected immediately, I felt heard and understood and in very expert hands. The session was just miraculous! Isabella helped me connect the dots, heal old wounds and find relief and give new meaning to the issue I was struggling with. It’s only day one and I can already feel the shift in my energy. I was amazed by her special healing techniques that spoke right to my soul. I could feel her healing energy in my chakras and the whole session was a very profound experience. There are no words to express my gratitude. You are such a gifted healer!!!"
-Sonia, Athens


"Its passed 24 hours since my session with Isabella and I am very thankful for God putting her in my life. I believe angels are living among us and I think I met an angel yesterday. She did much more than a hypnosis session, she gave me life lessons and she detoxified my body & mind and I feel today empowered. I believe for healing a disease we can't treat the symptoms only, we need to find the root cause for not allowing it to happen again. Isabella helped me to understand the root cause of my symptoms (habits) and that's absolutely new for me. I went to many specialist before, I've done healing courses trying to heal my own self and most of them worked well but unfortunately the symptoms kept coming back. Until I realised how to stop the symptoms to coming back! I strongly recommend to make an appointment with her. Isabella is fantastic. I have had two sessions with her and I already could see results, from helping to reduce inflammation out my body through blood test results analysing CRP levels (It used to be 11.0 and it is 0.1 right now) Also she helped me to calm my mind down. She has been helping me to face my darkest memories and understand bad habits. She also helped to understand how to respond to negative people and I am very thankful for all the knowledge I learnt from her. She does much more than one session, she follows up, making sure you are doing well until your next session. I strong recommend all my friend to have an appointment with her.’’
-Priscila, Dublin

Note- In 2 months my client's C Reactive Protein levels went down from 11 to 0.1! C-reactive protein (CRP) is a blood test marker for inflammation in the body. Her Antibodies reduced from 1600 to 600! Her T3 levels are also way down! She said that she had even tried with diet before- Gluten and Dairy Free etc, but nothing had made a difference till now. This she attributes to her sessions with me, other personal healing and going on a different diet since last few months.


"It has been three weeks since I have experienced the RTT with Isabella Ivory. It has been an incredible experience and journey thus far and I am ever so grateful to her. Throughout the entire 2-hour session - virtually via Zoom and video - Isabella made me feel safe and secure. At times she reminded me to merely observe the scenes instead of relieving them. This helped me immensely to keep a healthy emotional distance.
After the session ended, I felt calm, positive and relaxed. Since then, I have finally been able to sleep for 8 hours per night again – which hasn’t been the case for more than 3 years! I also unexpectedly had the confidence to drop medication I have had to take for years to help me walk better. I have been able to walk perfectly well without the medication since then, which appears like a miracle to me. It feels like freeing myself from dependencies.
The session with Isabella has had amazing positive effects on my overall wellbeing and I am looking forward to continuing the journey with her.
I highly recommend her!"
-Bettina, London


"Isabella Ivory is a very knowledgeable, careful patient therapist. When first  I met Isabella, I was suffering with depression and high level of anxiety. During the session she supported me to dive in the root of my childhood traumas and to reprogram them, to make important decisions in order to go further in my future and most important she helped me to see who I really was. After our session I felt back in control of my life, my level of anxiety is normal and I have a new energy to change my circumstances and to rearrange and change my life! I decided to book a second session with her to sort out other issues because I trust that she is the right therapist for my personal development!" 
-Alessandra, Dublin


"I had a session with Isabella via Zoom an it was about Procrastination. I wasn't sure at first if doing a session virtually will work, despite having my doubts the session was a success.  Isabella made sure I was feeling comfortable and all was in order regarding the tools before we started. I have never been hypnotised before so so also had some doubts like “can I really let go” as I do like to have control.  I had no problem going into trance and the things that came up about the issue were nothing I would've imagine. The understanding of why I put things off and don't fight for my dreams was the game changer for me. I felt I broke free of my limits. I know I have all right to follow my dreams. The recording I have is so inspiring and personal I listen to it every day and love it :) Isabella voice is so soothing and encouraging. I felt in complete easy in her presence and I felt her empathy for me and eagerness to help me. Isabella is amazing and I would go back to her as have one or two more things I really want clear from my life and I know that her therapy will do that for me. 
What we believe is what we become :) so now I pick to believe I'm set on fire to follow my dreams."
-Elitsa, London    


"I had a session with Isabella Ivory it's supposed to be about procrastination but during the intake and when I was telling her what the issue exactly, Isabella noticed something she told me, you need to know that you are enough, she said You're beautiful ambitious, smart, empathic but you don't see any of these) when she said that it clicked for me that that's 100% true! I saw myself losing because I have to work hard and give too much to earn Anything. I knew I have self love issue, she suggested to change the session from procrastination to Self esteem and self love, without any hesitation I agreed and we started. She is amazing so true and close to the heart. She was saying the right thing. With every sense she showed me and made me understand and see all its meanings. She went really So deep. Throughout the session I felt completely safe. After the session we talked and she noticed that I needed an additional healing on soul level. She gave me a theta healing it was amazing I felt my heart is brand new I saw my soul raising in the Creator's loving light. She told me to smile every morning and say all the good things to me cause I deserve it and its real me.  Isabella is a 5 star therapist she cover its all. I love Isabella I trust You. You are my angel I believe in you." 
-Fatema, Oman


"It was a great pleasure to work with Isabella. I wasn't really confident with driving for many years but through the RTT process with Isabella, she had empowered me and helped me to gain more confidence and self esteem while driving. I am now happier and enjoy driving and I even want to step out from my comfort zone and try more new experiences that I haven't  done before. I highly recommend working with  Isabella, she is a very emphatic, kind and easy therapist to work with. Thank you Isabella for the beautiful session that we had together."
-Zoe, Thailand 


"Isabella is an incredible therapist, practitioner. Isabella is patient, kind and thorough. She was persistent and very effective. It was a pleasure to have a session with her, time flew. Not only was the session a great healer and got to the cause of my sleeplessness, I have the wonderful custom created recording to rely on for now and if ever I get into a difficult routine. Trust Isabella, she is a wonderful safe pair of hands. 
Thank you Isabella, I am now learning to let sleep in." 
-Clare, London


"I did a RTT session with Isabella because I had an issue with my period. It stopped 3 yrs ago. The scenes were a big surprise to me, it was really traumatic and it was devastating for me. Nothing I imagined, and things I had buried deep inside me. But the tender Isabella was so supportive and led me during the session firmly and with compassion. After the session it was hard for me to believe and accept what had come up. But she guided me to just let all the emotions out, I followed her advice and kept listening to the recording which moved me from denial to letting go. I really recommend her! She has experience and confidence and is a powerfully skilled therapist. And for sure she is my therapist for ever! And surprisingly after the session I started to lose weight, I believe those extra Kgs was the fears that kept hiding in my body from those scenes I had blocked out."
-Ray, USA


"I had a wonderful session with Isabella on releasing money blocks, the session was very powerful as it allowed me to explore and understand the core beliefs that I had kept within me for many years, it also helped me release of the blocks that I was holding on. I love how Isabella is able to guide the process with compassion and sensitivity. I felt very safe being able to express everything that was within me with her with ease. 
Another powerful tool that has helped me after the session is the recording that she specifically has done for me, the recording has helped me focus on my needs and my goals to attract more abundance in my life. Her voice in the recording has empowered me to gain more confidence and certainty to achieve what I desire in life.
I highly recommend having a session with Isabella if you are looking for ways to have more abundance in your life, Isabella will allow you to experience this process in such a magnificent way that you would completely feel relaxed and free of your blocks after the session."
-Zolida, Thailand


"I had an RTT Session over Zoom with Isabella last week. It was everything I hoped it would be. I was drawn to Isabella's warmth and wisdom. I could sense she had the ability to use her intuition and to connect to her clients. Our session was excellent. She led me expertly through three scenes in regression, which showed me the root, cause and reason for the issue I had come to her for. She was brilliant in helping me make the connection between past and present, leading me to My own understanding so that I could free myself from an old, outdated, limiting belief that was still playing out in my life today. She worked diligently with me, using every tool in the box until she was certain the root issue had been found and brought to the light of my own awareness. When I opened my eyes. I already felt free.
She has made me a beautiful recording, personalised to me, even including a visualisation of a strong butterfly as I expressed that the butterfly was a symbol I identified strongly with. I love listening to her soothing voice and even though I already feel the session itself transformed me, I will continue to listen as I know change is instant, cumulative and retroactive.
Thank you so much Isabella. You are a gifted therapist and I am so grateful for your time, love and expertise. "
-Natalie, Denmark


"After my session for procrastination with Isabela I felt released and happy again. I went back to the trauma episode, and in my first scene I got emotionally sensitive. But with Isabella's help I was ready to face the trauma and reprogramme it. It feels like I was a child again and how easy it was for me to cry, literally like a child. I know a part of myself was healed in that moment. 
I am grateful because I found Isabela as my therapist, going to the session is something that I look forward to, because I know how much she can help me to overcome  any issue through hypnosis and the difference I feel after the session is Huge. I would highly recommend Isabela as therapist, she is a really good professional and careful person. I am glad I Have her in my way, now I feel motivated and, in another spirit, to change and readjust my life!!"
-Alessandra, Dublin


"Isabella is a wonderful therapist. She asked the right questions, was very empathetic and I felt at ease to open up about my painful experiences in life. During the whole session I felt relaxed and supported. Her soothing voice made it very easy to go deeper into my internal state. I was able to see the root cause of my issue and now I feel empowered and in peace with myself. I can highly recommend her."
-Sophie, Austria


“I did a session for chronic migraine which develops into sinus inflammation and tooth pain for years. I came to Isabella in pain and I was suffering. She booked for me an urgent session, she even rescheduled a meeting she had to accomodate me because I was in pain. She is really kind and caring. With her I understand the cause the root and why I was suffering from such a huge pain, it was suppressed memories I decided just to bury  it when I was a child. Now I am an adult I don’t need any of this pain! Isabella made sure that I understand the issue and she empowered me, and freed me from all that pain. Now I can call myself migraine FREE for good. Thank you sweet angel you saved me.”
-Jane , Dublin 


“Isabella I have to tell you how much your RTT session has impacted me already.  Straight away after the session you did with me I had quite a few days processing the big stuff that came up, but after it settled I felt really activated and ready to move forward with my work.  I am now feeling tired earlier in the evening and waking up early feeling energised and ready to go.  Thank you so much!!  You are an amazing intuitive RTT therapist and I'm so grateful for your help with this issue that has really impacted my quality of life and ability to move forward with my work.   You rock!”
- Kate, U.K.


"Isabella, I would like to say few words and describe what I have been feeling during this time that you are helping me. The first day that I was going to the consultation I felt the Holy Spirit inside me saying that I learned how to speak English to be able to understand you one day to have that way to be treated by you. I am seeking God very deeply the last couple of years and I know was Him saying you would be my helper to guide in my cure. I know God has different ways to cure us but sometimes he uses people to do that. I am pretty sure He is using you to help many people. As I said before for a friend you are like one angel in earth helping all of us with our struggles and difficulties. I am very grateful and thankful for your help and for God to put you in my life. The last few days good things is being happening for good in my life I know soon I will have more things to say. God bless you!" 
- J, Dublin


“I just wanted to get married like others, I was giving everything to men just to marry me, and they left me broken. All my life I was wondering WHY!!! WHY do other girls have love, care, and respect and I don't!!! With Isabella and RTT I now understand why, I was repeating old outdated patterns from my childhood which I thought was right. Isabella empowered me as a woman and showed me how to stand for myself and build my boundaries. She is a phenomenal therapist and she will do all the things that she knows and she can, to help you. I can't recommend her enough. If you looking for your perfect love, your perfect life, Isabllea is the ONE.”
- Richael , Chicago


After an incredible session with Isabella focusing on self-worth, I experienced yet another amazing one with her on anger. After about two intensive hours through video-conferencing, during which Isabella safely led me deep down into revealing experiences of my childhood, I "returned" from hypnosis relaxed and relieved. It felt like a heavy weight had been shifted off my shoulders. I felt truly freed. This feeling has prevailed to now - and my anger is GONE.  Words can't express my gratitude to Isabella. Her support is exceptional.
-Bettina, London  

As a trained  Counselor for Dually Addicted and a Psychological Researcher of Neuro Science, investigating new frontiers of the mind is a natural process for me. Questions are the norm. There is a part of me that does embrace the phenomena of the unknown “mystical connection between each scientist and client.” As a counselor leading someone to the crucial moment, overcoming a long held emotional/mental crisis that defines them, I’m aware that it begins with my comforting voice and body language. At all times, I must sound and show one constant message: “You are safe with me.”

The first time I spoke with Isabella Ivory I was in the heightened state of a science-minded moment. As Descartes, I am… therefore, always questioning!  Suddenly, this very scientific/academic state simply melted away like ice in summer. A voice that was extremely comforting spoke and related a story to me. Ms. Ivory had never met me. Yet, she spoke about something, literally, near and dear to my heart. She spoke with “intention,” that special something that moves a life at every level of the mind. She told me the story of the “Lion and the Slave.” The extraordinary center of this moment was the fact that I have worn a necklace with a lion’s head pendant for 36 years. I never remove it unless absolutely necessary. I do not regard it as having any special powers. It is a constant reminder of my faith. This is the reason why: “Nam Myoho Renge Kyo is like the roar of a lion. What sickness can therefore be an obstacle.” (WND-1, page 412)*

As I listened to Ms. Ivory’s story, a flood of joyous tears appeared in my eyes. This was in itself a miracle because I have Sjogren’s Syndrome, causing extremely dry eyes. There is no way that she could have known about...no way. Awareness of what is, and that which I do not yet understand, awakened a deeper level of consciousness in me, with a profound sense of trust. Ms. Ivory became my guide to well-being and a friend in the truest sense of the word. Isabella awakened the path forward in my own troubled existence. I had much buried in the deepest levels of my mind. As a science-minded person, magic is not ordinarily what I expect to experience. Simply put, Isabella is magical. Her voice spoke to every level of my consciousness, “You are safe with me.” Professionally, I highly recommend Isabella Ivory as a profound vehicle of healing and psychological wellness. Very professional with a voice that has a mesmerizing affect. It is truly a blessing to those of us who know your gift Isabella. My life is layers deep! Without knowing, your traversed them all. Wholeness is something a person works toward their entire life and most don't achieve it. I will. I am so grateful."

'Cindy', Arizona, USA

AA/AS, BS, MA/MS, SGI Member Care Adviser

My Dearest Isabella, 

A great writer once wrote a novel, in which he stated that he carefully chose each and every word. His story was filled with the sane and insane moments of two minds, grossly affected by a tragedy beyond description. Yet, he described it. Much later, he became a broken soul, tormented by depression. After its success, I recall reading this novel and watching the interview the author gave about the story. Words are the fruit of love or even hatred. Some are quick to exercise the words of love. Others insidiously spew words of hatred. Words are fuel for good. Words are fuel for hate. I intend to choose every single word I write in this message… I began making my choices with my greeting to you. Dearest reflects one, and only one, meaning in my mind and heart. It is equal to cherish. I chose the word equal because I truly believe that we are all equal in the depth of our lives. Cherish, of course, is a simple word, meaning to hold dear. Roget tells me that “cherish” also means harbor or treasure. I choose to use a special combination of these words to define you…

You appeared at the exact, most perfect moment of my life. A time when I was willing to embrace and anchor in the safe harbor of the great treasure which, of course, is your life itself. We celebrate life on birthdays. We celebrate holidays with great cheer, remembering those who came before us and those standing near. Strangely, it is rare that we celebrate the great treasure of a person’s life. And if we do, it is a temporary commitment to remember that life with a smile or a few good words. I began to celebrate your life, the great treasure, the safe harbor, this morning during my recitation of gongyo, an assiduous practice. To express gratitude for you - the great treasure, one of the exalted, virtuous celestials of endearment - for having gently and carefully sailed my excessively, weathered mast into your safe harbor, becomes a lifelong commitment to bless and appreciate beyond all bounds, with world-shaking pactum, your “myoho,” the very depth of your essential, courageous, benevolent heart. Myo means mystic; ho means law. Your inexplicable rhythm of knowing… to follow the charts across seas to find the one yearning heart, petitioning the highest Arbiter, myo, for a blessed Peace, and release unto this humble petitioner the rest, recovery, and recuperation of mind, body, and spirit, leaves me resting in the wonder of it all. I am infinitely thankful.

As a poet, my choice of words can be simple. Thus, I fly free! I see beyond the beyond! My eyes press against the windows of the universe, gazing childlike at the gifts awaiting my desire. I hold the panda’s paw. I stroke the lion’s mane, carefully, gently, lovingly, pulling free the thorn. I allow the tears of joy to present themselves readily to all who know what has been set free! I lay down the heavy handbag of pain, wishing it to never be carried by anyone, ever again. I stand in the pure rain, jumping in the puddles with glee! I trade my slavery for a box of marbles and play in the sunshine of my life. In my heart, I climb the tree of life, blessing every limb and leaf! I sing to the universe! The universe sings to me. We sing in harmony! The words I hear are clear! “There is time, oh, yes, there is time!” I am so grateful!

I understand now why I love and hug the naughtiest children. I know now why I look for the meek and broken little ones. I know now why I hug and hold with deep love and thanks these young souls, who find their way into my life. I know now that I could not have understood, without my own experience, the bad behavior or the pain in their eyes that only I could see. To see it is to know it. I am aware now and I have released to the source the suffering and heaviness. I no longer need it. I no longer want it. It no longer serves me. I will see it in others and do whatever I can to help them reach your safe harbor.

Do you know the happiness I feel? Do you see it on the wind? Do you ride with me across gigantic skies, laughing at stars and fire flies, meteors and asteroids, and hurricanes that gasp to silence when they see us passing by? The Yorkie and the Cat smile, knowingly. Yorkie tells Cat, ‘the good thing is done.’ Cat tells Yorkie, ‘yes, and in the nick of time, the sun shines.’ (Just as I wrote these words, the sun came out after an all night, down pour of rain!) Yorkie and Cat smile again and agree to give their humans a furry cuddle. All is well! A little mouse on the window ledge sighs and squeaks, “Tis a happy ending!”

I felt your hug. I looked deep into your eyes. The wonder is indefinable. You will always be one of my very best “better angels!” My good fortune is knowing you. There really are no adequate words for this poet to express the gratitude so deeply felt. As a true believer in my faith, I promise this is true: I owe you a debt of gratitude that I can never repay. But with every fiber of my being – today, tomorrow, and forever – I will try! I will give all that is within me to spread happiness on this Earth in your name. I love you, Isabella Ivory! There is a great essence in this universe, and it orchestrated a profound symphony, with the best musicians, playing their parts in many far away places, soothing me with waves of peace. I will carry that peace in my heart for all my days on this Earth!

With an ever-present joy, love that cannot be measured, and a mission to give the sound that strengthens the spirit, I remain whole and grateful,

Cindy, Arizona, USA

AA/AS, BS, MA/MS, SGI Member Care Adviser

“My therapy sessions with Isabella were the best Xmas and Birthday presents I could ask for!
They say that when the student is ready, the right teacher appears… That definitely was the case with me becoming Isabella’s client/student.
I travelled for a long time on this journey of transcendence and healing myself from the shackles of my past traumas and self-sabotaging beliefs. In the process I became the Manifester of my own abundant life and the body I desired.  I acquired many great healing techniques and qualifications and wanted to use them in helping others. However, I felt stuck, blocked by fears of mistrust, failure and unable to open my Heart to move forward with my work as a therapist. I lived in the bubble of my happy family life. Until I met Isabella. 
We had 3 therapy sessions and I felt Isabella’s constant Loving support and “connection” throughout the months we worked together. In fact I feel that our Connection is eternal…
What have I gained and what I love about her?
Most importantly that she NEVER crumbled under the vile projections of my ego.  “The ego screams loudest when it knows that its death is coming” ACIM (A course in Miracles).  

Well my ego was screaming - “She has not got what it takes to get rid of me! You have been used and abused as you always are by paying her so much money! I hate her recording! I feel worse that before I started my sessions with her!” etc etc

She compassionately and patiently was overlooking all my “explosions” of anger reassuring me with particular guidance that touched my soul so deep, that I call her a ‘Master Holder of Truth’. She said that it was all a part of my healing and that I was doing just fine…. And she was right!

After 3 months of resisting The Light and The Truth, I Awoke to my True Presence of Love.
I stopped drinking alcohol which was firmly encoded into my life as a habit of pleasure. I knew it was disconnecting me from my True Self and My Creator, but I could not let it go. Now I am FREE OF IT!
I let go of the ancient rage which manifested itself in my horrid outbreaks of anger. I stopped being a prisoner of my long lived Critic, which came from my childhood’s conditioning that caring lovingly for someone is to point out what is wrong with them.
I am much calmer, more patient, kinder for myself and others, more Present in daily tasks. 
I let go of fears of “getting things wrong”  and feel much more confident as a person and as a therapist. 
Free of procrastination and blame I take now full responsibility for my feelings and my life choices, and I choose with Love rather than fear.
Frankly I feel like being newly born…
Thank you Isabella for your Patience, Wisdom and such great Compassion. With Love and Gratitude.”
- Hans, Dubai


Karen came for a Physical issue with- Wheezing, and for Abundance Blocks. Within a few days of her session she started getting more clients and making more money. Her wheezing issue resolved as well in a few weeks. This is her testimonial:

"I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for our truly beautiful session .I see the world differently i connect so easily and so effortlessly , that one sentence where you mentioned we are all connected in our connectedness , those few words really made such an impact in my life .I always knew on a conscious level we were connected but absolutely understood it after our session .

I flow with life i feel abundant Isabella and am loving sharing  my energy  with everyone .It comes so naturally , its like a light has been switched on .Your compassion love and leadership is truly amazing you are a natural healer by heart ,I am forever grateful Isabella , Sending you much love  and a big hug."
-Karen, South Africa

"Since a long time I felt like the same pattern approached me from the outside again and again, it felt like I drew people into my life who were wanting to take advantage of me and I asked myself, how can this be? So I asked wonderful Isabella, whether she would like to to work with me on this with one of her incredible sessions and she did. So she brought me back to several past life scenes, that made it so obvious that I was run by an old pattern, that felt like a magnet to those people and it all of a sudden made click and it was so clear. She used all her skills so powerfully and helped me to release everything connected to it patiently, it took a while, because it felt like there was such a deep healing necessary on my side, but she opened doors for me, which were so beautiful to explore and helped me heal such an old wound. I am forever grateful for her most powerful session."

- Iris, Switzerland

"Following redundancy, sudden death of my boyfriend and aunt, and theft of all my belongings in a foreign country, I tried counselling, transformational breath sessions, theta healing, reiki, exercise, time with loved ones, travel and prayer to help me recover.

I was frustrated that after nine months, I was not feeling more positive about my life. I initially came to Isabella with a basic inquiry.

I was struck by her directness and commitment to results, with one request of me: To follow her guidance exactly.

Isabella was very hands-on and attentive, constantly urging me to be careful with the words I was using. This continued post-session as well, demonstrating her commitment to help me build new, more positive, healthier habits to relate to myself and others.

The three-hour rapid transformational therapy session itself was a revelation. It did more for me than one year of counselling did! I was able to more clearly understand how old beliefs were no longer serving me, and that I had to let go of them if I genuinely wanted success in my life. The recording that followed the session has continued to offer me nuggets of wisdom.

Within a month of the session, I felt calmer and at peace, more compassionate, more understanding, and began to take more concerted, consistent action in the direction of my goals. This was a major achievement for someone who has suffered with anxiety, made worse by COVID-19 lockdown, prolonged unemployment and an impending death anniversary. I was also able to access additional job opportunities at an otherwise difficult time, including completely new opportunities to teach. One of my goals was to be recognised for my writing. Within six weeks of the session, I had received confirmation of an outstanding book chapter being accepted, and had various articles accepted for publication in new outlets.

Beyond Isabella’s expertise, her deep care for her clients is what stands out the most. She is personally invested in helping people to achieve their goals, seeing it as her purpose and a true honour to serve."
- CR, London, UK

Reaching out to Isabella was one of the best decision I have made. I struggled with lot of issues childhood trauma, divorce , personal issues for a very long time resulted in loss of vision on my right eye. After reaching out to Isabella and implementing all her advice and mentoring I finally understood what was missing in the puzzle. She made me understand the last piece of the puzzle and gave me full clarity emotionally and physically. 

Isabella Ivory is magic and very intuitive.. she is one of the best therapists. 

Your session Isabella, was serenity to me and everything about you is divine .. I felt godly during the whole session.

Thank you for accepting me as your client , friend and student etc... I feel very honored and connected to you Deeply(felt like we had a Connection n contract some birth and that you have come to heal me this birth). 

Isabella Ivory gave me hope when I thought hope was not around. She gave me transformation when I thought transformation was never possible. Isabella Ivory's recording was the best gift I can ever ask for .. there so much love and empathy. I wake up and go to bed hearing her beautiful voice. 

She makes sure she travels with your pain and your journey with out being judged .. the deep deep healing has started for me already she genuinely cared about my success and was constant support through my journey. Ever since starting my work with Isabella , I have found my sense of power again. I am involved and in control of my life again. My career is back on track and I’m in a loving  relationship. I still have some work to do to fully conquer my issues, but I am in such a great place now. I could not even imagine this one month ago. 

Isabella Ivory guided me through the phases and was with me every step of the way. She is an excellent source of strength to get you to where you want to be in life

I only have gratitude for you my love. She is no commercial therapist you find these days she's unique. Isabella Ivory is a truly a blessing in how I view life. With full vision and clarity 

I highly recommend Isabella Ivory.
-Aruna, Global Citizen

“Dearest Isabella, You are a brilliant therapist! You are a wonderful mind coach above all! You truly helped me when I felt lost, depressed, and extremely sad. You surely helped me, with your brilliant intelligence and strategist mind to re-focus on my life with a new mindset.  I was experiencing difficult moments when I first contact you and I got the feeling that you were the right therapist to help me and take me out of that dark place where I was! I was 100% convinced that you were the right therapist for me! 

You were absolutely brilliant; our sessions were phenomenal! You totally unlocked my creativity skills, unleashed my deep fears of sadness and abandonment… I felt so supported and loved in your hands my dear Isabella! You acted as a wonderful friend who cared deeply for me and helped to pave a new path! You were absolutely committed to your work as therapist, deeply matured, experienced and intuitive therapist! Isabella is 100% committed to deliver concrete results! I am definitely happier, rightly convinced that I am more than enough. I also got a new awareness that I am a very resourceful and capable business woman! All this, is a direct and concrete result of our work together!
I can’t thank you enough. You are a brilliant therapist. Love, Theresa”.
- Theresa, Europe

"I was extremely reticent about getting therapy of any kind, because I believed (as people often do) that my issues were so unique that they were unsolvable. Still, after coming across RTT and Isabella’s page, I had a moment of courage and decided to ask for help - there was just something, like an aura of kindness and safety about how she presented herself that made me take this step.


I was extremely nervous for the call, but she quickly put me at ease and not five minutes later I was telling her my entire life story. Isabella is very open minded, so it is easy to talk to her about absolutely everything. As someone who is an intuitive and was struggling to accept this part of myself, which is very attuned to spirituality and a more intangible side of life, she has played a huge role in making me feel comfortable and confident about who I am.


I have now worked with her on many issues, including feeling different and separate from others, feeling a sense that there was something inherently bad or wrong with me, as well as abundance and greatness, as I struggled to share my talents with others. The differences are almost too many to mention, but I am now able to handle difficult situations without feeling anxious, stopped having feelings of guilt and overwhelming negative thoughts, as well as this looming feeling that something bad was always about to happen. I have also begun to share my work online and I am working daily on a novel that I have always dreamed of having published. I feel like an entirely different person altogether. I overall feel so much lighter and connected to myself and to others.


Isabella has a way of nudging you forward without overly doing it, as well as keeping you grounded. She is also very intuitive and honest with her answers and is very supporting during the most vulnerable moments. Most of all, you really feel her love, understanding and interest - she is always very interested in what you have to say, as if it was the most important thing in the world. Seriously, I wish I had done this sooner."

- Sara F, Portugal

"I had been concerned around my drinking for decades.  I am in my early fifties and had used alcohol to blank out the loneliness and sadness of certain events over the years. After a particularly bad incident when I had a black out and had to be told of some very bad behaviour I decided I had enough.   I tried AA for a couple of meetings and although I found a hugely supportive person to confide in,  I found myself getting more depressed. I needed to take more positive enduring action that had  a more upbeat, positive message.  

I found Isabella online and decided I had nothing to lose.  Her service is not cheap but actually the amount I would save if I stopped drinking would mean I would have paid for her services within months.  

So just as I had invested in my career with multiple degrees I decided this Hypnotherapy Package  was going to be an investment in me.  It has been The Best investment ever.  

I had never done hypnosis before so I was a little apprehensive and cautious.  But Isabella has the most gentle, reassuring and genuinely empathetic nature.  I had found a kindred spirit who understood where I was  but more importantly listened to where I wanted to get to. 

Isabellas approach is super supportive and over a number of sessions and listening to a recording for over a month I managed to stop drinking.  I am now sober 150 days.  I have no desire to drink even in these crazy pandemic times.  But more importantly the guilt, fear and anger that went hand in hand with the drinking is subsiding.  I have set up a business during this period which is going from strength to strength.  I have a clear head every day and am taking on the everyday challenges of living in my stride.  If I get anxious or low, I just acknowledge it and know it will pass.  I also know I can change my thoughts to happier thoughts as they are just thoughts and not who I am. 

Isabella is a unique individual.  Besides her expertise in hypnosis it was her intuitive, gentle empathetic nature that made me feel secure enough to open up.  You are in a very safe pair of hands.  I wish you the very best on your journey."

"I'm really really really thankful to have you in my life and helping me in my journey. It's brought a big change in my life. Whenever I am stuck or struggling, you're always there and I can always reach you...Your sessions are POWERFUL...You are a great listener, and you understand what is going on in my mind. You help me create great memories and rewire my mind. You helped me unblock my energy and work for my self. You are a great healer..you are amazing! I always recommend people to come and work with you. It's worth having even one sessions with you! It's Worth it!"
Mahima, India

"Wow, even as someone who fancies herself a wordsmith I find it challenging to describe what Isabella has done for both my son who was recently diagnosed with MS, and me his Mom who became anxiety-ridden over it. I happened to be speaking to Isabella when my son came in and saw her. Later my son asked me how her healing with RTT could work for his MS. He was very distraught and fearful for his future. 


He had just experienced his first bout of symptoms and he was weakened considerably. By this point, I was trying to hold myself back from a total meltdown over his diagnosis and how upset he was. 


Ironically I met Isabella while searching for the very best RTT therapist out there for my beloved friend who was suffering from MS and at her breaking point. My friend is an elder and had once been a famous and gifted songwriter and musician but shelved it because of her MS. 


Due to the healing powers of Isabella, my elderly friend has just signed a major and lucrative songwriting contract for a major artist and my son is now able to train harder and better than before his diagnosis. His doctors were quite astonished and when the new results of the MRI came back very tongue-tied since the lesions were much decreased.!!!


 As for me, the Mom, I am up and actively staying on top of my son's health, excited and upbeat for both his future and mine. Without Isabella's healing powers which begin with her magical voice, I would still be crying woe is me tears instead of looking forward with joy at the next chapter in our lives. If you care about yourself and are having issues keeping you from being the best version of yourself then run and invest in your healing with Isabella. I promise it will be the best investment you ever make."
-Eleni F, Maryland, USA

"Before I began my RTT journey I was very sceptical. Having many previous experiences with different therapies throughout my life, essentially all of them to no avail, I had unintentionally already put up a hesitant guard Infront of me, refusing to believe that another therapy would help, and really only trying it due to the faith my mum had in the practice.

I'm glad to say I was pleasantly mistaken.

Working with Isabella to help go back to the root of of my issues was, although a bit daunting at times, an eye opening and life changing experience. She daringly guided me every step of the way, and allowed me to tackle feelings that I clearly buried deep down.

Since my last session those months ago I can honestly say that my life has changed for the better. I'm forever grateful to Isabella for the help she has given me, and I implore anyone looking to better lives to do what I was so nervous to do those many months ago."
- 'Tyler', U.K.
Musician and Deejay

Isabella is the most kind, loving and genuinely caring therapist I have met. She really takes the time to give you everything you need, it’s not just a hypnotherapy session but the whole package, tied up with a big bow of love. Her unique special healing adds a special touch and really relaxed me. She puts in time and energy lovingly. She gently guided me through the sessions to a deep place, where I was able to see my past hurts, understand them and let them go. Her voice is so soothing and healing I love listening to the recording. 

Isabella helped me immensely, she raised my motivation to heal my self and believe in my self and not give up. 

Isabella is a rare treasure of a therapist she was genuinely concerned for my healing she is full of care, empathy and authenticity. I highly recommend Isabella Ivory. 

Sarah A 

Byron Bay Australia

Thank you so much for your time and kindness. I truly felt like the universe is sending me an angel with a big hug when we talked. The things you said ware really profound and deep. Everything made a lot of sense and I for the first time is really long time I felt at peace and a real sense of direction. The call with you was a great and very peaceful experience. You are very caring person but also someone that will tell you how it is without apologising for it and I think this is exactly what I needed. I loved the metaphors you have used, this helped me to understand meaning of things and situations even deeper. Thank you so much for giving me direction and reassurance. I would highly recommend to work with Isabella without a shadow of the doubt! Lots of love and blessings.
- Beata, London

"I had been concerned around my drinking for decades. I am in my early fifties and had used alcohol to blank out the loneliness and sadness of certain events over the years. After a particularly bad incident when I had a black out and had to be told of some very bad behaviour I decided I had enough. I tried AA for a couple of meetings and although I found a hugely supportive person to confide in, I found myself getting more depressed. I needed to take more positive enduring action that had a more upbeat, positive message.

I found Isabella online and decided I had nothing to lose. Her service is not cheap but actually the amount I would save if I stopped drinking would mean I would have paid for her services within months.

So just as I had invested in my career with multiple degrees I decided this Hypnotherapy Package was going to be an investment in me. It has been The Best investment ever.

I had never done hypnosis before so I was a little apprehensive and cautious. But Isabella has the most gentle, reassuring and genuinely empathetic nature. I had found a kindred spirit who understood where I was but more importantly listened to where I wanted to get to.

Isabella's approach is super supportive and over a number of sessions and listening to a recording for over a month I managed to stop drinking. I am now sober 150 days. I have no desire to drink even in these crazy pandemic times. But more importantly the guilt, fear and anger that went hand in hand with the drinking is subsiding. I have set up a business during this period which is going from strength to strength. I have a clear head every day and am taking on the everyday challenges of living in my stride. If I get anxious or low, I just acknowledge it and know it will pass. I also know I can change my thoughts to happier thoughts as they are just thoughts and not who I am.

Isabella is a unique individual. Besides her expertise in hypnosis it was her intuitive, gentle empathetic nature that made me feel secure enough to open up. You are in a very safe pair of hands. I wish you the very best on your journey."

"I'm really really really thankful to have you in my life and helping me in my journey. It's brought a big change in my life. Whenever I am stuck or struggling, you're always there and I can always reach you...Your sessions are POWERFUL...You are a great listener, and you understand what is going on in my mind. You help me create great memories and rewire my mind. You helped me unblock my energy and work for my self. You are a great healer..you are amazing! I always recommend people to come and work with you. It's worth having even one sessions with you! It's Worth it!"
- Louise, Ireland

"I had two healing sessions with Isabella. My focus for the sessions were to release negative emotions that were holding me back and to get in touch with my true self.

I was immediately taken with how caring and genuine Isabella is , she is so passionate about what she does and as a client you can really feel that. Her intuition and perception is unlike anyone I have ever experienced - I felt instantly seen and understood by her which made it easy to trust the process. The session itself lasted about 4 hours and high intensity - so give yourself time to relax and take it all in after. She worked on block after block and I floated out of the session.

Since then my life has changed in many ways for the better. The main shift has been in my relationship with myself - I now feel genuine self compassion which is something I always struggled with. That inner critic who had been running the show has quieten significantly and I find myself much more present in situations than before. On top of this I feel more comfortable showing my true self in all its colours! My assertiveness improved greatly and I’m now putting in boundaries where I never had the courage before. The session helped me put in place the foundational pieces of my healing journey and now with a solid base to build on I will focus on my passions and goals.

Isabella is a true healer and I cannot recommend her enough. Her depth and perceptiveness are a rare gift and I look forward to working together in the future."
- Siobhan Reid, Psychotherapist 

This experience is a great way to start your healing journey. I had sessions with Isabella to heal chronic neck pain, and she made me aware of several things that were contributing to my neck pain. Rapid transformation sessions were amazing with Isabella, there were many things that came to light that I was holding on to that I had no idea about and contemporary therapy would of never shown. The Integrative Medicine approach is amazing and Isabella was spot on about several things. I would say to go into sessions knowing that you do not know everything, that the reason you are seeking alternative treatment is because you haven't been healed with regular Dr's and therapy. Be open minded and know that, this is just about you healing, and Isabella guiding you along the way. I loved every bit of my sessions with Isabella, it felt amazing to know that this pain is not just something that I made up. Isabella, is a warm, friendly, open, person, that truly wants nothing but the best for you. I would highly recommend working with Isabella. Her work is profound.
- Shane, USA

"I ended up getting pregnant only 2 weeks later, with absolutely 0 success beforehand. I am eternally grateful for her, especially after fixing a problem that beforehand, seemed lifelong and unfixable up until that stage. I would highly recommend her to anyone who feels they want to become the best versions of themselves, and when they have issues and problems that just seem unfixable."

- Sarah, Massachusetts 

"Isabella, I am so indebted to you for my recent therapy sessions which have not only healed my very painful and uncomfortable physical symptoms, but have given me a sense of peace and calm, and positivity in my life. I now look forward to healthy, happy and fulfilling years ahead."

- Clare, Ireland (name and location changed)

"Dear Isabella, thank you so much for the amazing call. I was so in a kind of, 'in the clouds'...


You’re such an absolutely phenomenal coach with a priceless gift of listening to and understanding people as well as a lot of compassion. I’m grateful for every single moment I can talk to you.
Thank you sooo much for the wonderful call, for all your heartfelt advices and for coaching me so brilliant. I'm so grateful and happy to have you in my life dear Isabella. Everything is unfolding in a magical way at the moment and I'm soooo happy."
- Sandra, Austria (name and location changed)