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Updated: Aug 31, 2021

I had started working recently and was getting great results. I was full of confidence, but had not yet come face to face with one of the facets of the human mind. Fragmented- Self identification

This article was first published on the the RTT Forum and got Huge Support and interest. I had started working recently and was getting great results. I was full of confidence, but had not yet come face to face with one of the facets of the human mind. Fragmented- Self identification is what I named it for myself as I built my own understanding and method to deal effectively and permanently with it.

Different from schizophrenia or multiple personality disorder, sometimes a client may exhibit a completely different identity that may seem to take over during a session. It usually comes up only during the session within a specific context of Regression or RFPI. Very often though not always, it is subsequent to a spontaneous Past Life Regression. That is where a person seems to go to a completely different lifetime to the one, they are in. This may be completely different to the country, ethnicity, social status etc of their present life. But on investigation, there will be always be information and beliefs relevant to the present life, and Presenting Problem for which regression is being sought. For more details on this topic feel free to google Past Life Regression, you will find a myriad of meanings. I did not google this topic, I based my understanding of the phenomenon on my own experiences and having studied under the tutelage of Marisa Peer who neither promotes, encourages or advocates it, but simply showed a few examples during my study. It is important to not be perturbed by the difference in time the client may be alluding to- the only thing that matters is to Extract the Meaning of the scene just like you would with any other regression scene.

On rare occasions while doing RFPI, the client will seem to be completely identifying with the part in question, i.e. the part being asked to speak. And thus seem to completely take on this identity of the part. They might even start giving strange answers. Such as- my role is to hurt him/Jonathan etc. In each of these out of the ordinary cases, it is important to understand that the client’s self-identification with another identity or part within themselves is a manifestation of the healing they desire in the particular aspects they are referring to. Here below the article I wrote then as a novice and maverick.

Hello tribe. This evening I exorcised a demon. And spontaneous Past Life Regression. You can probably understand how intense the session was when halfway through the session you have to ask- “That’s okay, you’re doing great, Have you ever been diagnosed with any mental health problems?”

Client- beautiful 27 year old girl. Presenting Problem- should have been an Auto-Immune disease, changed by Client to self issues (not enough) after intake discussion on request of Client

During the session, first part which uncovered by me on her request through Investigative Hypnosis, that she had actually NOT been abused, as she had thought most of her life! She was in doubt her whole life. Mum took her to psychologists at an early age to try to discover. So you can imagine the damage done.

After a couple ‘normal ‘ type regressions. She goes into scene where its very dark...fluorescent, only sky. "Turn your head, are there people, what do you see?" "Ah I see people....I’m 90 years old, I am lying on the grass...I’m dying." "Look at your feet, what do you see?" "Bare feet, blood, can’t move. They are trying to revive me." "Go into your body and tell me do you hear a heartbeat?"

Ok, on it went. She could tell me the name of this 90 year old person that was she believes her in another life. Lots of other details to show it’s another time.

Very next scene- She’s in a ball...can’t feel...its dark..its just a ball of darkness. Encouragement given.

"Oh yes it is Me in my mothers womb!" Very interesting for her that death in one life leads immediately into birth in next life. We leave that and hit a hurdle at LH-RH after a couple of forays. So I park that for a moment. I can see something in her has changed though. Something in her personality or persona. A little cold shudder passes through me for no apparent reason. So we start RFPI. That is Role, Function, Purpose, it's a technical part of the process. She starts to speak, and when asked - What is your Function in her life? says, "My function is to Finish her! Finish her. Because...she needs to be dead...." Her face is now contorted and pulling back, her neck is straining backwards.

I take a moment to observe and wonder what to do? To be very honest for a moment it was a little intense.

I hold her hand, tightly, and keep holding it for the rest of the session. I tell her. "You are okay love. You are a beautiful normal girl. You are just a normal girl. You are safe in my office. You don’t want to be a Fucked up girl right?" Her face is still contorted in a wild grimace. She doesn’t answer. The profanity is used on purpose. I did it instinctively without thought. This intentionally provocative language is to jolt the brain. What happens when we are shocked? We stop. When you stop the spiral, and can bring in a moment of quiet for the brain, you also want the brain now to recognise and face the consequences of not acting strong and regain control of their identity. I then go into my knowledge of ThetaHealing. Basically the mechanics of it is that I start Commanding things in a peaceful, rational way. I have to explain here, My FAITH is intact and my Conviction is Strong. Without that, this is not the kind of thing for anyone to be able to do. I take her through the induction which is like a little hypnosis on its own. We go up up up....white sparkly light..we are in Source energy now. And I start commanding and instructing a series of things and healings to take place right now. After each I thank and say “it is Done It is Done It is Done. And now please show me.” The strangest feeling. The strangest feeling came over me. We are in a closed room, and suddenly we are surrounded by a gust of cold air. A wave of cold air touches me, I feel a wave of goosebumps. I had just asked any 'part, energy, entity to leave and go to the Creator's light and never to return'. Atheists, scientists, sceptics- this is a process. You can translate it as part of the Hypnosis. The hairs on my neck, back, arms and legs stood up. I glanced at her, and she was now laying peacefully. I carried on a bit more. Then I went back to finishing LH-RH (Left Hand- Right hand, a technical part of RTT process). We were addressing one of the Regression scenes where she was 6 years old. The 6 year old said 'they don’t want to leave that belief. That they don’t believe anything I’m saying because who am I?!' I say, "I am The Expert. And You are 6 years old!" She's quiet for a moment, still. I continue, "So better put your hand down like the naughty child in class and listen." Pause. "If I said to you a few hundred years ago- there's something called Electricity. You would also Not believe me. Nevertheless I would be right." She started smiling, laughing. A little relief, I felt- I had Reached her.

We then finished RFPI. This time the 'part' says, "I’m here to do anything she asks." We finish Transformation, lots of hand on forehead- healings, rocking gently of the head. I finish making her Transformation Recording, I controlled my shaky nerves, because now that I’m quietly speaking continuously, and she's laying quietly, docile as a lamb. I am able to free my gaze from her a little and process what has just happened. I think of all the strange things that have just happened. That gust of cold air. What is that? I control my nerves 'get into the zone' and deliver a fantastic and strong Transformation Recording! At the end of session she asks me, "Wow was all that normal? Was I possessed? Do you see it with others?"

I say, " Yes, Perfectly Normal. No, you are just normal. It happens."

She went into so so many praises and gratitude and felt such Tremendous Transformation! Booked more sessions immediately.

She was So Happy, and she said she felt she lost weight and to be honest I thought so too. She was a different person at the end of it all. *******

Since then I have seen more such strange instances with clients and have discussed with colleagues who also experienced similar cases. I would not call it 'exorcise' anymore, as I did in that post on the Forum, not knowing how to describe what I just saw and experienced.

As a therapist, we have no control over what scene a client's mind will go to, we simply give the command to- go to the root cause of the issue. So whatever the client's mind believes is the root cause, the client will express. And they also don't have control over what they will see. The mind has beliefs, programs, projections locked away in the depths of the subconscious. Safety, Interest, Sympathy, Skill and Ability to Help is what I promise.

With love and gratitude, Isabella Ivory

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