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Sleep - Christmas Eve

Here's a beautiful story about how sleep issues can originate where we would never guess.. in the most innocent of moments

Would it surprise you to know that lack of sleep has usually Nothing to do with the functioning of sleep as a mechanism? Sleeping is an ability we are all innately born with.

You can go 4 days without water, 6 days without sleep, 25 days without food = Sleep is more important than food!

Which is why regimes around the world interrogate at night. And stopping somebody from sleeping is one of the most effective ways of making people ’talk’. Deprive a person of sleep long enough and the majority will be ready to give up any secrets.

So what happens to people to who cannot sleep? If you want some General answers, you can google and find lists and tips. I’m Interested in what happened to make individual people stop sleeping?

What I learned and know now, not sleeping is never about the functioning of sleep itself, it’s caused by what happened to impact this normal bodily function we are all born with.

One of my clients, 40 something year old, absolutely normal as can be mother of two. When we went into Regression (after hypnosis) the scenes she went to were-

Scene 1- being woken in the middle of night to take medicine at age 2, repeatedly. Broke sleep pattern.

Scene 2- Eve before Christmas, 8 years old. Coming down the stairs...everything sparkles and shines. Don’t want to miss a thing.

Scene 3- Its late at night, 24 year old. There' s a rattling at the door. Front door at street level. Inner city basement flat. Someone is trying to break in.

So we have 3 different scenes. Which one do you think caused the sleeplessness now?

Background to current presenting problem- Cannot sleep. If asleep after hours of trying, wake up within few hours. Endlessly go through lists of chores, to do, check locks in house, check on dog, children, porch light.

So what is causing the sleeplessness now? Ah, but it Is so much Easier to make guesses when you have the story isn’t it? Before our session though, she had no memory of any of these scenes! The one from age 20s she had buried, thinking it of no importance. It was a long time ago.

And yet it is the Programming that went into the Subconscious mind that is causing the Sleeplessness now. But how do you access the subconscious mind? There are only 2 ways- REM state during deep sleep, and Clinical hypnosis, which is science, not magic.

My client from the story above- has completely Reversed her sleeplessness! How did we do it though? RTT. Pioneering Rapid Transformational Therapy.

I guided her into hypnosis, a state similar-to being in Flow. She is fully aware, and has all cognitive functions, and is now using the Subconscious mind. Regression- going back to the Individual root causes of her issue. Then using a variety of specific “tools”, these are obviously not physical tools (disclaimer lol)- we Resolve and reinterpret and offer what is technically called ‘the cure/transformation’. Then she got an individual recording, made Specifically for her, made there and then during the session. Which Shes advised to listen to for at least 21-30 days. And Bob’s your uncle!

Except, she doesn’t actually listen to it. She falls asleep now and doesn’t get to the end.

This is just one simple case study and story of my client with a past Sleeplessness issue.

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