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Secret Code

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My most precious flagship program. The Secret Code program sees the most dramatic and stunning transformations. Working with Visionaries like You. 
People who join the program see exponential growth in many areas of their life. Especially in career, professional success, and abundance mindset. My clients have, for example, gone from being stuck in their careers or life paths, and gone on to understand their life purpose and be ready for what that entails. So many have gone on to embark on new journeys, jobs, Dream-jobs, changing countries, feeling calm, confident, powerful and making more money than before.


This is a 4-month tailor-made program. The program is largely made to order- based on YOUR needs. 

This is fundamentally important I believe in order to get the deepest healing and personal transformation. A process I call Personal Alchemy.

Mythic Heroism, Suave, Extraordinary Talent, Authentic…Timeless!

These were the targeted core qualities of this program. These are attributes we all secretly aspire to. But how can we be the

mythic hero and, the Best version of ourselves? Or be that superhero/heroine? Where we are so alert, focussed, have such clarity, self-discipline and Energy to do what we want and craft and sculpt our life exactly as we want, and live for a higher purpose?

This is a personal evolution program with more than two years of testing in creating. The SECRET CODE program is one of a kind journey, delving deep into self-realisation and self-mastery. 



  • Precisely target origin-points of blocks, triggers and negative patterns

  • Re-configure them​: erase the outdated and unnecessary, and rewrite and re-wire the new and necessary

  • Escape being stuck and resigned to a life of being average, by discovering through  Advanced Targeted Hypnotherapy what is REALLY holding you back from reaching  your higher goals and accomplishments

  • Learn to control and overcome triggers and Reactions

  • Be in control of who you are and who you are Meant to be

  • Create abundance and learn to have an abundance-mindset

  • Amp up your self-discipline

  • Enhance your mental focus

  • Feel on top of the World

  • Free from the shackles of the past and old hurts and traumas.

  • Smash away old beliefs and programs and everything that is coming in the way of Being that Better version of You

  • Stop holding back

  • Love yourself

  • Learn to express who you Really are, and Feel Accepted and Loved for being You

  • If you felt different, misunderstood and insignificant, learn how to turn that around and shift reality by shifting your consciousness and perceptions

  • Have better relationships

  • Unlock Supreme Confidence

  • Be the Superhero of your own Life

  • Feel calm and in control

  • Feel happier and more positive

  • Learn secrets of health and wellbeing that you can and are absolutely recomended to use for the rest of your life

  • Build a supportive bond with Me and I will guide you towards the healing and transformation that you seek

  • Learn how to use your time and energy efficiently

  • Learn how to direct your life in all important spheres

  • Transforming, Healing, Overcoming- spiritual challenges.

  • Manifest a Better You, a Better Life for you

  • You will feel Heard, Understood, Loved, and Cared for

  • Have access to self-paced workshops, videos, meditations and other media

  • Have access to tailored and individual therapy sessions

What you get

This is a 4-month program. It includes:

  • Intake form and custom made assessments

  • Personal Strengths and weaknesses evaluation test

  • Includes 4 Full RTT and healing sessions (3-4 hour per session)

  • Personalised bespoke Recordings based on your specific needs made for you during the RTT session

  • 5-8 personal coaching sessions

  • Access to videos and additional written and recorded material

  • Email and online support

  • Since the program is bespoke, it is tailor-made for every participant

  • Further details of the program are given on signing up
    Investment Euro 1500 x 4 (4 Month Program)

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