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Hi, I'm

Isabella Ivory

RTT®️- Rapid Transformational Therapy. Integrative Medicine, ThetaHealing, Quantum Health Coaching, Secret Code program, and more. 


Would you like to Discover one of the Most Powerful, and Immersive, Evidence-Based Brain Training and Coaching Programs that Helps You Achieve Mastery, and the Skills required to attain a 'Mindset of Wealth and Success'...Guaranteed?

One of the Most Inspiring things I heard was..

  • I have had many great teachers in my life, and I am extremely grateful for them. Although while I was growing up, I could hardly think of anyone when asked whom I admire. Now, if you asked me the same question, I would have an endless list.

  • But, one of the Most Inspiring things that I ever heard was that a person can come from anywhere, and still Be Somebody. And that no limitation of age, hereditary factors, education etc need to stop them from achieving their goals.

  • This statement fascinated me, and from that moment onwards I began to record instances of just that.  And I no longer allowed my 'limitations' to get in my way. At the time that I heard this, I was laying in bed in a hospital, sick physically, and I'm sure now it was as a result of years of emotional stress and trauma.

  • Now when I think of the impact of that sentence, it makes me wonder if history can be changed with one word or sentence? After all  I was heading to be a school drop out, and then college dropout if it hadn't been for... 

  • Something strange happens when a person makes a resolve. It's like the universe itself conspires to help them. On that day as I lay on a hospital bed in Parma, Italy, I resolved not only to get better, but to turn my life around completely, and help everyone else that I possibly could.

  • At the same time as my resolve, there were people around me who thought I was idealistic and wouldn't amount to anything. Maybe they were right?...

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  • Most people have had at some point in their life a dream of greatness or success, but maybe somewhere along their lives they've lost it?

  • I help people achieve Mastery and Skills, so that they can create success and legacy. Which makes them feel great, make more money and be happier.

  • I do this with my signature process called Secret Code.  Secret Code is a multi-dimensional system that helps you connect deeply with the subtler layers that have been defining you.

  • It's a system and program created for Visionaries, and Anyone who feels they have so much more to offer the world, but are somehow stuck

  • Most self-development or self-mastery programs are either too generic, catering to only the conscious part of the brain, not in-depth enough, and boring.

  • In order for true and lasting success, I believe you have to be Specific, and cater to the individual and not the masses. 

  • My professional background and qualifications include Integrative and Holistic approach to health, using award-winning RTT® - Rapid Transformational Therapy, ThetaHealing®️, and Quantum Health Coaching.

  • Also used is Integrative Alchemy, a proprietary model of healing that is deeply effective, healing, and has all-round health benefits. It works on both the conscious as well as the subconscious mind. Using the latest science and evidence-based research, and holistic health and wellness. It's a game changer.



"Isabella took great care to understand my issue, and make sure she could help me.

She is extremely intuitive and sensitive in all her communications, and I trusted her totally. She has a natural knack of knowing things that you maybe had even only thought.

The therapy with her was extremely powerful, and got to the root of my issue. 

She has a wisdom that puts another slant on your own understanding."


- LP, Medical Doctor, U.K

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"My way of working with my clients involves complete immersion and a deep focus on them." 
- Isabella Ivory

Work with me

These programs are for anyone looking to:

  • Overcome feeling Stuck.

  • Heal emotional issues

  • Heal professional obstacles (example- leadership, confidence, public speaking, people-pleasing, indecisiveness, etc)

  • Heal from old repetitive patterns in your life,


So that you can: 

  • Gain Mind-blowing Confidence.


  • ENHANCE like never before talents and abilities.

  • Heal emotional pain. (Issues such as feeling not good enough, self-worth and self-value, depression, anxiety, motivation, leadership, creative flow, etc. See the video for the full list.

  • Learn the discipline and mindset mastery for ABUNDANCE and WEALTH.

My unique and extraordinary approach of blending modern science, neuroscience, and the understanding of how the brain works with my technical skills, and knowledge of ancient wisdom has led to compelling and stunning successes and life-changing results for people in many countries.

Therapy Service Options: The therapy service has been designed in such a way that you get maximum support to help you with resolving your issues. Therefore when you book, you are guided to choose from a program package that already has a combination of pure therapy sessions and also coaching sessions over the duration of the program, or choose a purely coaching program. 

If you have something that you would like to change/transform/enhance/resolve in your life-

Head over to the SERVICE PAGE for your Program options and for booking.  

Secret Code Program
Integrative Rapid Transform and Heal Therapy Program
Standard RTT Therapy
Quantum Coaching Package

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I welcome you to make an appointment for a first (free) 30-minute consultation. Just fill in the booking form details given below. I look forward to speaking with you! I meet clients online web conference (Zoom/Video Call). The practice is located in Dublin, Ireland.

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Isabella Ivory