I am a Ph.D student of Integrative Medicine, a Rapid Transformational Therapist (RTT), a Spiritual Healer, Quantum Health Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist. My mission is to help people find emotional peace, physical health, abundance, and life purpose. And to help people on their own path of self-actualization. 

If you are in pain, feeling hurt or disappointed, or feel like you are stuck in repeating patterns, and wonder why and how to change that? You have come to the right place.

With an Integrative and Holistic approach to health, using holistic practices, RTT® - Rapid Transformational Therapy, and Quantum Health Coaching, we are able to help resolve issues.

Understanding is powerful as they say, and it is especially so during clinical hypnotherapy. Once the 'why' is understood, it becomes easier to assist change and transformation in thoughts, perception and behaviour.

But sometimes simply knowing the reason is not enough, as the programing and conditioned behaviour is not just on the mind level, but is perhaps also on a body level. Such as accompanying body responses and triggers. Understanding the human anatomy and the holistic anatomy is vital to helping people heal quickly, by using a variety of methods. 

All my clinical consultations include an understanding of this and knowledge from western, but also Ayurveda and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). 

We also make the process of change, or returning to 'wholeness' easy and gentle by using RTT, and subconscious mind rewiring. 

The rewiring happens in the form of therapy and is further assisted by tailor-made hypnosis recordings that are made during the therapy session, and can be used at any time, and are also yours to keep lifelong.

With the understanding that it is recommended that each specialised recording is meant to be listened to for a minimum of 21-28 days. The brain learns by repetition, so the more the recording or other training protocol is adhered to, the higher the possibility for creating lasting change and transformation. 

If you would like to find out more, you are welcome to book a free discovery call with me. 

I work with people who are Ready, have Inner Goodness, and who are Coachable and Committed.

I also work in partnership with Medical personnel and Corporates.

Nothing makes me happier than to see people become the Best Version of themselves! 

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"My way of working with my clients involves complete immersion and a deep focus on them." 
- Isabella Ivory

Therapy Benefits


Healing and Overcoming:
Emotional, Social, Physical- Trauma and Challenges


Discover the Root Cause of all that is Limiting and Blocking you from Achieving Success


Overcome feeling Stuck

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Enhance Talents and Abilities!
Become the Best Version
of You


Unleash Professional and Financial Success

Find your Life Purpose!
Who You Are Meant To Be

Isabella Ivory with Marisa Peer, the founder of RTT® - Rapid Transformational Therapy

Success Stories

  • Helping a wheelchair-bound client who couldn't walk, walk again.
  • Helping people with illnesses such as Cancer, manage and reduce their symptoms and provide holistic, complementary care to support healing and recovery. 
  • ​Helping a client go from infertile to fertile and pregnant few weeks later.
  • Helping people with Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Anger, IBS (please request FAQ sheet here), and Tinnitus to name a few
  • Helping a client whose business tender was rejected 7 times, to have it accepted.
  • Helping a client recover from childhood trauma, recover from toxic relationships, take on a new profession, find their Life Purpose, and move countries! All this within 5 months of working with me on my Secret Code Program​​
  • Helping people to make True Connections with people, themselves, and find emotional peace
  • Helping a client who was stuck for years in a job they dislike, change 2 jobs, move countries, and get recruited into one of the most elite institutions in the world, a "dream job!"- all this within 4 months of working with me on my intensive Secret Code Program.

  • Helping clients with physical illnesses and autoimmune diseases.
    Such as in the case of someone with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) recover physical fitness and be able to smash their own athletic records. And another able to stop new lesion growth in her brain, and bring up her required B-cells in her blood, another to walk normal after just 4 weeks.

  • Helping someone with multiple health conditions, get specific blood markers in balance and chronic multiple infections down.
  • Helping people with pain, and chronic pain manage their symptoms and reduce pain levels.
  • Helping people turn their lives around by working with them on multiple levels.
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Wondering if this is the Right therapy
for you?

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Ways to work with me

See below for the different ways you can work with me on Emotional issues, Physical Health issues, and Purpose, and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me. This is the link to my SERVICE page with more detailed information on the following:

Rapid Transform and Heal Therapy Programs
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The Secret Code Program is my most advanced and flagship offering. It's a multidimensional program with intense and rapid progress possibilities. It's goal is to help a person reach their true potential, and to achieve self-actualization. It is a 3 or 4-month program. 

Integrative Rapid Transform and Heal Program is my advanced 1-month therapy program offering. All my specialist skills are included in this package. Multiple packages can be booked, with each program dealing with a single topic.  

Express Transform and Heal Therapy Program is a streamlined 1-month program dealing with a single issue in a  more limited time frame. Multiple packages can be booked, with each program dealing with a single topic. 

Wisdom and Quantum Health Coaching
is perfect to help people achieve their goals, using advanced multidimensional coaching methods with a holistic approach. Sessions are lower intensity than previous ones and involve no hypnosis, but are spread out over a longer time period generally.

Click on the pictures or links to read more and go to the SERVICE page for more information

Most people book a quick call with me, where they can discuss what they are looking to resolve.  This call also gives us a chance to meet and talk. Then together we make a therapy plan that best suits the needs of the person.

Testimonial for client with MS (Multiple Sclerosis, who is able to train better than before diagnosis. And who's lesion growth reduces!
Eleni F, Maryland

This experience is a great way to start your healing journey. I had sessions with Isabella to heal chronic neck pain, and she made me aware of several things that were contributing to my neck pain. Rapid transformation sessions were amazing with Isabella, there were many things that came to light that I was holding on to that I had no idea about and contemporary therapy would of never shown. The Integrative Medicine approach is amazing and Isabella was spot on about several things. I would say to go into sessions knowing that you do not know everything, that the reason you are seeking alternative treatment is because you haven't been healed with regular Dr's and therapy. Be open minded, this is just about you healing, and Isabella guiding you along the way. I loved every bit of my sessions with Isabella, it felt amazing to know that this pain is not just something that I made up. Isabella, is a warm, friendly, open, person, that truly wants nothing but the best for you. I would highly recommend working with Isabella. Her work is profound.
- Shane, USA

Evidence Speaks

Isabella took great care to understand my issue, and make sure she could help me. She is extremely intuitive and sensitive in all her communications, and I trusted her totally. She has a natural knack of knowing things that you maybe had even only thought. The therapy with her was extremely powerful, and got to the root of my issue. She has a wisdom that puts another slant on your own understanding.
LP, Medical Doctor, U.K

This is the extraordinary story of Natalie's healing and transformation.  A Dance Instructor and Medical Professional- From being wheelchair bound to be able to walk again. Natalie could not walk for almost a year after suffering multiple brain hemorrhages. After a Therapy Program with Isabella, this brave and amazing lady could walk again to the astonishment of everyone. She had had numerous therapies in a highly advanced rehabilitation center, but nothing had helped with the walking. From having her whole home being fitted for wheel chair, to being able to walk out of her house, feel the sun on her face...Enjoy the amazing story in Natalie's own words.

Natalie, Germany


This is the stunning story of 'AM', who completely changed her life after working with me on my 4-month Secret Code Program. She found Life-Purpose, changed job, changed profession, changed country of living, relationships, and made huge spiritual growth! All this in just 5 months. Hear her tell her own story. Today she is living the life of her dreams, surrounded by luxuries she had only dreamt of. A complete life transformation. 
AM, Brazil



I use an Integrative Medicine approach, Rapid Transformational Therapy® (RTT), Clinical Hypnotherapy, Quantum Health Coaching, Healing, and Ancient Wisdom. You will feel Heard, Understood, Loved and Cared for.

What I love about Quantum Health Coaching, which is often a component of my therapy packages, is that we are able to bring about new measurable changes using among others- Digital Biofeedback, and Neurofeedback, where we can assess changes in brain waves and Heart Rate Variability for example and compare before and after therapy treatment results. This is very exciting for people to be able to experience about their own bodies and minds and highly motivating. It is also a great way of training the Autonomic Nervous System which is responsible for how our body responds physically to stress and emotions.

eing able to train the autonomic nervous system means that we can bring people into more calm, peaceful, healthy states of being, and train healthy functions and responses in the body. This is hugely exciting and beneficial. All of my specialist skills are part of the therapy programs with me, at no extra cost. The best part is that the tools I use can also be used remotely with online clients from around the world, using video conference calls as wearable and smartphone technology And I love teaching them to my clients so they can benefit from them for the rest of their lives. 

I work in partnership and collaboration with Conventional Modern Medicine Professionals and any other helpful forms of therapy. Just as the saying 'all rivers lead to the ocean', similarly any appropriate and helpful methods to a person's health are respected and honoured by me as all directed towards the same goal.

One of the best ways to know more about me is to connect with me via my social media accounts linked on the bottom of the page. Just click on the icons and Like, Subscribe, and Follow. 

Professional Bio:

Isabella Ivory, Cl.Hyp. RTT M.M. 
Isabella Ivory specialises in helping people heal emotional and physical issues and is instrumental in helping people find their life-purpose.

She's a certified
RTT®- Rapid Transformational Therapist, a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, a certified Quantum Health Coach, a certified Digital Biofeedback, Holistic Anatomy and Heart Variability health coach, and a Theta Healing practitioner with Outstanding Results. Her unique and extraordinary approach of combining neuroscience and the understanding of how the brain works with Ancient Wisdom has led to compelling and stunning successes and life-changing results for people in many countries. She is currently pursuing a Doctorate and Ph.D. in Integrative Medicine.  

Her field of specialism is  Emotional Peace, Physical Health, and Life Purpose. She loves working in these areas and is deeply passionate about helping her clients. She believes balance in these three areas is interrelated, and that you need each to be in balance and live your life purpose. 

She received a 100% score in her RTT written examination and had the written feedback “I would go to this therapist!” from her examiners. She studied in London- live with the founder of RTT-Marisa Peer. She is deeply respected among her peers and has a reputation for being able to work with people who have not had success with other therapists. Read the article about Isabella featured on the Marisa Peer- RTT website here.


She lives in Dublin, Ireland with her family and children, having lived in many countries of the world including India, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy and Ireland. She is multi-lingual, speaking 8 languages, fluent in 4. She sees clients face to face Online via video conference. 

"There are no formulas or stock answers in my approach. My way of working with my clients involves complete immersion and deep focus on them..." - Isabella Ivory

Specialist Skills for Healing include:​
















Sunrise on Nature


I welcome you to make an appointment for a free consultation. I don’t charge for the initial consultation, and to answer any questions you may have about RTT, the Integrative Medicine approach for health, Quantum Health Coaching, Hypnosis, Healing, or your health. It is part of my mission to provide you with helpful and effective answers that will have a real and lasting impact on your health. That may, or may not be, through my specialist skills. Either way, you’ll receive an honest and helpful answer to your questions.

You can make an appointment by picking a date and time from the form below. I look forward to speaking with you! I meet clients online web conference (Zoom/Video Call). The practice is located in Dublin, Ireland.
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Do you know your Life Purpose?

Did you know that Emotional issues and Physical health issues can also be linked to Not knowing your Purpose in life?

The Real Reason that I specialise in Emotional issues, Physical Health issues And Life Purpose, is because I discovered through my own experiences and with helping numerous people, that all three are linked. The old axiom of working on Mind-Body and Spirit, is not just metaphoric, but I believe is absolutely True. Often an issue with Not knowing one's life purpose may manifest as: being stuck, confusion about what you want and how to get it, emotional issues- like depression, anxiety, stress to name a few, and also physical health issues such as- sleep issues, diseases and repetitive injuries to name a few.

This is why when I work with people I observe and aim for balance in all areas of a person's life. Even if someone comes to see me for a physical ailment, or for finding thier life purpose, or for emotional issues, I aim at bringing balance in all sectors, as I know they are related.

Interested to see if you are following your life purpose? Take the quiz or book a call with me
And if you are interested in gaining more insights into your personality and intelligence type, Do Not Miss my- Know Your Intelligence Type Quiz given below! I would love to discuss your results with you and help you make the most of your strengths and weaknesses.

Few More Testimonials at a glimpse

"After my session with Isabella Ivory I felt released and I could understand and be sorry for the child that I was...But I left the session free, because I know who I am now. I am not that child who was abused with words and action. I am a great soul, I am enough...I could not go through without the trust and faith that I had in that moment with Isabella. Thank you Isabella, I love your spirit and the way you care about people. This is what makes you the best therapist.''

- Alessandra, Dublin

Your mind and body is controlled by a network of intelligence. Tap into that intelligence and command center to re-program your mind and body.
Isabella Ivory

Isabella Ivory


I was just in the studio with the amazing Danielle Sax for her show Living Authentic Success on www.ukhealthradio.com which is the number 1 Radio show for Mental Health! We talked about "From Stress to Authentic Success" and how to deal with stress and create the fulfilling and abundant life you so desire and deserve.

I’m so happy I got to speak with Danielle and you can listen in too, check it out here: https://bit.ly/34JtZnP 

One of the topics which came up in our conversation, is why I choose to specialise on Emotional Issues, Physical Issues, and Life Purpose? And, what 'Living Authentic Success' means?.