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RTT- Rapid Transformational Therapy session
and Theta Healing session with Isabella Ivory in Dublin, Ireland or Online- Contact details. 


Many thanks for your booking. I look for

Hi, I am so excited and looking forward to speak to you soon!
You will receive details via email about your booking and the link to the meeting.

What to expect when you speak with me?
I am expecting to really enjoy meeting you, get to know you and share a deep and probably fun conversation with you! I expect to understand more about your issues and be able to create a plan that would help you to move forward.

This is what some of my clients had to say after their Discovery Call with me:

"Hi Isabella, 

 I'm so eager to get started with you! 

The call was amazing for me, I feel so grateful that I listened to the impulse I had and had the courage to reach out to you.

 I can't begin to tell you how much has come up for me, I had really only realized the night before, the level to which I've still been suppressing so much, especially so much fear and grief.

 After I got off the call with you, I just sobbed and sobbed, because I could feel so much ready to come up, and it felt beyond description to have hope that I could actually move forward in my life, and to be seen and held by you in such a loving way was amazing."
- E.B. , USA

"Hi Isabella,

Thanks so much for your time yesterday. I actually felt as if a little bit of the heaviness was lifted. I felt more upbeat communicating with my family afterwards :) 


I actually sat down with my partner H yesterday and we watched the testimonials on your YouTube channel! I've seen this one already and I did tear up at the end when she spoke about her relationship with her daughter. 

We both want and need me to change! I have an opportunity to make a life with a man who loves and supports me, and a daughter who is a gift and deserves a happy patient, loving, nurturing mother. I'm definitely going down a path of self-sabotage that needs to end..."
- J M, Ireland 


"Dear Isabella,

Thank you so much for this call and for really listening to me. I feel much better after having talked about my story. I'm super excited to do this!"
- L.H. , Portugal

"Dear Isabella,
Thank you so much for the call! I feel better just talking with you!"
- C, UK


"Dear Isabella,

I want to thank you for the session yesterday,  I feel very energised and positive from it!
And I got hired for new job just days after our call!"

- V, Belgium