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  • Create the life of your dream

  •  Learn the discipline and mindset mastery for Success and Abundance

  • Enhance like never before- talents and abilities.

  • Gain Mind-blowing Confidence.

  • Achieve a state of well-being that allows you to excel

  • Heal emotional pain. (Issues such as feeling not good enough, self-worth and self-value, depression, anxiety, motivation, leadership, creative flow, etc.)

  • Feel bliss, and complete peace and confidence in yourself

  • Surmount professional obstacles (example- leadership, confidence, public speaking, people-pleasing, indecisiveness, etc)

  • Stop repetitive patterns in your life once and for all

  • Stop addictions and addictive behaviour

  • Heal from a variety of health conditions



I’m proud to introduce you to my signature process and program, the:

 Secret Code Program

The Ultimate Guide To Living an Abundant, Unlimited, and Content Life.


What you get:

1 Full Secret Code Therapy sessions (3-4 hour per session) (using INTAL™️ and RTT®️)

  • 3 phenomenal 40-60-minute Coaching Sessions, which may include a mini-therapy session to further enhance healing.
  • 1 Outstanding and Exceptional, personalised, tailor-made Hypnosis Recording to heal and transform.
  • Your visionary plan.
  • Exploratory and custom-made assessments
  • Access to videos and additional written and recorded material.
  • Check in call, Email and online support, with follow-up via email
  •  ‘Your Journey Diary’ - given at the end of the program.
  • This can be done from the comfort of your own home!(Zoom video conferencing)
  • Typical issues resolved are:
    Self-Sabotage, Unblocking Success, Learning Your Personal Power- identifying, clarity, pitfalls to avoid, best expression and uses, Fears, Anxiety, Social issues, Shame, Guilt, Emotional hurt, Past experiences blocking present and future success, Career Clarity and shifts, Mastery, People -Pleasing, Winner’s Mindset hacking, Understanding your Life-Purpose, And lots’ more ‘Secret Code’...


There is a one-month option or a 4-month package option. Price on Application. 

Secret Code Program (One or Four-month program)

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