I have always had a fascination for dreams and their interpretation.

Never let it be said that to dream is to waste our time, for dreams are our realities in waiting. In dreams, we plant the seeds of our future.

I have always had a fascination for dreams and their interpretation. As a Healing Specialist, one of my greatest loves and joys is dream interpretation. I have had amazing results with clients by interpreting their dreams with uncanny accurate results. I have been asked by some of my clients, colleagues and peers to share these interpretations, which I will endeavour to do in this series. Would you like to have your dream interpreted? Message me, and I will be happy to do so in exchange for a donation. All proceeds go to charity. This is my way of Seva. So often, questions and problems have been solved by correctly interpreting dreams. Wishing you joy as you peruse these interesting stories about people and their dreams.

Case 3 : Could a phone call be so significant?

Dreamer - Catherine:

My recent dream took me back to my college days when I was around 16 years of age.

I got a call from my Diploma Professor looking for another boy. This boy and his friends were in my class, so I immediately informed him that the Professor wanted to talk with him.

I was dreaming about people who were known to me in my daily life!


Tell me your opinion about all the people mentioned in the dream, the professor, the boy.

What do they mean to you?

Dreamer - Catherine:

The professor was an elderly man, I really liked him. I was his favourite student while I was studying there.

Maybe we can consider the boy as an infatuation. I don’t think I loved him. Maybe he loved me, but he never expressed it as anything serious.


Here is your dream analysis.

You can expect an improvement in your current situation because of a rise in your social status. Something is about to make you look better in the eyes of others.

Allow yourself to express a higher status. No need to be overly modest about your talents in this case!

The dream is guiding that you can do so especially, by being a good contact, and/or by bringing people together. I think this might be part of the business you are in!

Dreamer - Catherine:

Wow! How do you get this message? Is it because of the phone call in the dream? It points to contacting and bringing people?


I deciphered the meaning from the dream language of the different elements and the combined analysis based on my understanding of dreams and intuition.

Tell me Catherine, is it true? Do you see this happening since your dream in any way?

The dreamer: Catherine:

Yes, Isabella, the message resonates with me completely and my current experience in life!

Thanks so much, dear!

It's Amazing!

Case 2 : The Chocolate Feast

Dreamer: Sam:

OMG Isabella! I was dreaming last night that I was in a banquet, So luxurious with fountains of chocolate, Chocolate everywhere. The place was huge, but I was the only one there. And I was eating all this. Does that mean I can expect luxury or riches?!

Dream Interpretation by Isabella: Hi Sam, what a lovely rich dream, rich in details. But, ……sorry this is not a dream indicating riches. This dream I interpret for you as follows- You are in for a period of robust and good health and simple contentment. You are also being warned to avoid being quarrelsome, and be more social. Avoid social media however for a while, and please avoid over-indulgence, self-indulgence of any kind. Does that make sense?

Dreamer: Sam: OMG it so does… I think. To tell you the truth I have been binge-ing on social media. And the quarrel- well I feel not quarrelsome but yes some people really bother me right now. And I have to admit that I probably could do with more self-restraint. But how did you know Isabella?

Case 1: The Curious Case of the Giant Hands

Dreamer: Sonia O:

A dream about having gigantic hands. What does it mean?

“I had two separate dreams, in the first one- I was sick in bed and I could feel my hands were the hands of a giant.

In another dream, a few months previously, I dreamt that I was in my cot as a baby and I had giant hands that felt too big for my small body!”

Dream Interpretation by Isabella: As she told me about her dream, I saw the discomfort on her face, I was giving her an RTT and Healing session on autoimmune illness. I could sense the fear, the fear of something abnormal, and freakish. Especially a dream like that, recurring, would be enough to cause anyone to wonder what it might mean for them?

I thought about Sonia’s dreams, for a few minutes, understanding, exploring and assessing. The interpretation that follows is not given in any books or any websites, it is based on my personal knowledge and experience of dream interpretation that has been a lifelong fascination.

Once I had constructed the meaning of this dream and asked some questions which corroborated the theory, it went from being eerie to being a dream of reward with reassurance and promise of great success in fulfilling her healing gift. How? Here is the interpretation: “Sonia, the very large hands in this dream, (with other finer details of the dream), represent the hands of a Healer! And having the very large hands here represents your coming into more knowledge and power to use these unique gifts.”

And in the blink of an eye, this dream went from being eerie to being a dream of reward, reassurance, and a promise of great success in fulfilling a Gift!

Testimonial: Dreamer: Sonia O:

“Isabella’s interpretation has a depth of truth in it and has helped me see that by truly embracing my calling, to be a Healer, I will be receiving financial abundance. Isabella Ivory, you are a divine healer and I am so grateful our paths have crossed.”

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