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This is the story of a client of mine who was not able to walk and was wheelchair bound, who could walk again after therapy with me

A Dance Instructor and Medical Professional who could not walk anymore. Could not walk since December 2018. incident at work. That also brought back images from another past. Suffering multiple hemorrhages in the brain that impact bodily control...can this be healed? Healed by my therapy?

Natalie, will I ever stop seeing your father when I think of you? Your father who I didn't see in person, but see so clearly walking next to the icy lake. Walking as he saw another 4 or 5 year old hopping along. That crisp cold air, the little child hopping with her parents...your father walking a little way behind, smiling and talking with his friend, but his eyes- watching this little girl who reminded him of you...

This is a testament to a very kind and brave woman. Who all her life helped others, never thinking of herself. Always giving more than she received. Living selflessly, a woman who is intelligent, articulate, has written articles. And then one day, the rug was pulled from under her feet. Abrupt. Just like that. This gem of life who had so much life and already given so much to life, is now face to face with a sudden new reality.

You cannot walk, cannot move, cannot talk properly, you are laying in bed....How long will this last? ‘Nobody knows Natalie.... You have to get used to a new way of life'. She lays there day after day, weeks pass, months pass now. She tries everything to help herself, but the legs don't respond. They buckle. The hemorrhages recur. When the phyisio tries to push her, her body is pushed into quitting.

Then one day she happens to see a testimonial of another young woman who can walk again, she reaches out to the same therapist who helped this other woman. And this Transformation and Healing is as a result of that step.

Laying in a rehabilitation center in Germany from December 2018 onward.

Today It is Monday the 7th of October 2019. We have finished a mammoth session. How many hours was it? And now the confirmation- Natalie has begun to walk again. Natalie.... can walk again! It sends chills up my back...Even to me who conducted her therapy session.

I cannot tell you how many hours our session was. Nor can I explain all that we sought, uncovered and healed. In technical terms- I gave her an RTT session, and then a specific to her problem, HV-CCT script. But we did more than that. And our journey had started months before the final day of this session.

23 Sep 2019

Good morning Natalie , I woke up very early this morning with a dream related to you. Then I was meditating on you. I wonder- Did your Left foot and leg have slightly more pain, inflammation and stiffness than the right leg?

With love and best wishes ,

Isabella Ivory

C.Hyp. RTT M.M

Hello dear Isabella,

Just now saw your message email on your meditation.

Well yes I had a left lower calf stiffness and swelling up, often getting very big in diameter compared to the right one staying normal size. Stiffness and aches in the leg of the Left calf muscle have been there since at least 7 years. No doctor can tell me what it is.

Massive hug and love,



What happened to Natalie? No one can understand or explain how? She has had EMDR, Physio, Hydrotherapy, Ergotherapy, Speech therapy Myofacialtherapy, Talk therapy, Strenuous Physiotherapy and various other therapies and treatments, but nothing brought back enough healing to let her be able to walk. What happened as a result of the traumatic incident was multiple ongoing brain haemorrhages, and loss of connection with the receptors from the brain to the soles of her feet. She had multiple health issues related with these.

I started working with her a few months ago. The first thing I did when she reached out to me after reading one of my case files and testimonials, was to meditate. Her case was So complex and medically serious.

‘Can anyone help her? Can she heal...heal from this? Its now more than half a year that she has had this trauma and is in the same medical state of not being able to walk. In one of the most advanced countries in Europe, in a fantastic facility where they try various therapies with her. She has suffered little strokes, blood clots in her brain, has problems even with speech, movement and concentration. How do we get through to her? Is she even a candidate for the kind of therapy I offer?' I asked my inner self.

The answer came back, ‘Yes.'

'Okay, But, will I be the one to help her?' I asked, almost looking for reasons not to take her on.

The answer spontaneous and to the point came back. ‘Yes.'

But who was I asking? The question I suppose is of an inner self belief. That is required and also essential.

Conviction on the part of both therapist and client is Essential for the healing and transformation to take place.

How a person whose motor receptors are not functioning, who has suffered multiple and recent brain haemorrhages, and had to learn to even move, learn again to button a shirt, pick up a spoon, edge little by little to the side of the bed, learn to write, and who was told by medical professionals that they may never be able to return to walking and normal life.... for such a person after 1 session with me to be able to walk again is defying all known and familiar norms. And yet, the challenge in changing these beliefs of what is possible? What should be the curve of healing in complex cases like this? What is humanly possible to achieve by commanding the mind through the Subconscious, by directing through Focused Healing/Prayers? All of these new challenges to our perceived notions of what is Possible, what is Normal? It is nothing new.

How can a person who is not supposed to be able to walk, who has undergone various tests to show that healing cannot possibly be instantaneous, how can this person walk after one session with me?

13 Oct 2019 - Messages

Dear Natalie,

I didn't hear back from you since yesterday and I'm wondering how you are?

I wrote to her, worried. Barely 12 hours had passed since I had contact with her. She had indicated her progress, but I was worried, in case...

Dear Isabella,

I hope you are ok. I take a lot of islands of rest and turning off devices in those times so please don't be alarmed. I am doing rather well.

And it seems almost unreal, I can walk at the table myself and SIT DOWN AT THE TABLE! Not being wheeled or shoved to the table is such a massive re-establishing of a life quality I can hardly describe.


A day after our session she could walk out of her house. Go with the sunshine on her face....Can you imagine, can you understand her joy? Can you understand...My joy? Can you?

Natalie, a dance instructor, and Medical Professional who could not walk, who had suffered a pivotal tragedy. Who now can walk again. Walk, after 1 RTT and Healing session with me.

What to some defies 'reason', meaning the familiar of the present age, should actually not so much fuel surprise, but rather, be an open Invitation to chart the less known territories of the Possible.

The first time someone decided, let's instead of using hides and such as we find to cover ourselves, let's take a ball of cotton and squeeze it and get a spool of thread out of it. Then use that thread to weave a piece of cloth. Then use that woven piece of fabric and Stitch together some garments. They must have seemed Odd. Odd.

Yet there is the evolution of an invention. And in that period of evolution, at some point the new, the different, the impossible, this cannot be, Becomes the new norm. There are many examples of the long line of historical prosecution of scientists and people with new beliefs that challenged the Norm. And yet going for new paths is how we discover new things and new realities just like Columbus' discovery of India/ America.

What happens when you go to uncharted territory? What would you find? Certainly it is not for everyone to want to venture out into the unknown. And yet it is Everyone who eventually benefits. That's what explorers do, they take risks, and they go for the unknown.

29 May 1953, Edmund Hillary and Nepalese Sherpa mountaineer Tenzing Norway became the first climbers confirmed to have reached the summit of Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world, believed till then to be Un-climbable! Fast forward to May 2019, “ Mount Everest Is Now So Busy Climbers Are Dying in Traffic Jams ”. It's become ‘normal' to be able to climb Everest. People are setting off in expeditions to Experience what was once not deemed possible.

My session with Natalie lasted more than 6 hours. When I work with people with medical issues, I usually after assessing them form an opinion and plan to have a certain amount of sessions, depending on a number of factors that I take into consideration. But with Natalie, I knew her Healing would take place Now. It had to take place now. We had a small window of opportunity I felt. Small window of opportunity? Why? Some subjective reasoning which doesn't at the moment translate well enough into explanation perhaps? I apologise.

The pre-session recordings I had given her had had the desired effect, she was in the Right frame of mind. She was sleeping well. I am always interested in how much and how well a person sleeps, especially in medical conditions. Sleep is critical to healing. A person can go 4 days without water, 6 days without sleep, 25 days without food. Sleep is more important than food.

I had established healthier sleep, and I had a sense of Knowing the time was Right for this session. I Knew before our session that she would heal, she would walk. Because I had meditated, and I had asked. Some people sharpen their pencils, some organise their scripts and papers, my way of working is, I first meditate, I tune in, I scan.

The details of how we had success is not in conveying to you that Regression showed this cause and that cause, RFPI showed this or that. The script I used was such and such. My success which I share, I believe, is in completely UNDERSTANDING and tuning in to my clients. Being the detective, the Seer, the skilled physician, the soul friend. Being the 'da Vincian' child holding the magnifying glass- full of curiosity and completely focused. Being the devotee with the prayer on the lips, the commander of the victorious forces. Being the humble servant...Serving.

Natalie there is so much more I want to express and explain about you. From the first interactions, I told you, your father would be important to putting this puzzle back together. Your handsome, heroic father who lost his own life saving another little girl.

Natalie, will I ever stop seeing your father who I didn't see in person, but see so clearly walking next to the icy lake? Walking as he saw another 4 or 5 year old hopping along. I know he was thinking of you, the little girl he missed so much and could not see. A young man in his early thirties, young...and handsome. A man who painfully is not allowed to see his only child whom he adores. Who is made to stay away from a child who misses him. Neither understanding why fate has dealt them this. Both wondering, when they will just be able to be together, be perhaps one day- just a happy family, a normal happy family Together.

The air by the lake crisp, cold, the little child hopping with her parents...your father walking a little way behind, smiling and talking with his friend, but his eyes- watching this little girl who reminded him of you...

A little girls whose tiny foot slips along the icy banks of that enormous lake. Parents panicking, they cannot swim, she cannot swim. A young man jumps in. He is a strong swimmer. The icy lake, freezing- the water. He hands over the girl to the outstretched arms. All is saved.

Now the man looks down towards his ribs, and notices...the blood. The people on the bank gasp.

As he jumped into the water, he had fallen on one the metal spikes fencing the lake. He is rushed to the nearby University hospital. He is saved. He lives.

Four days. On the fourth day he complains of some pains on his side. The attending doctor examines him and realises his lung is full of fluid. He asks his colleague to immediately puncture the lung to retract the fluid. A horrible mistake. As the injection goes in, it goes through the collapsed lung. He is rushed to the operating theatre. But it is too late. A young man, dies. A heroic young man. People like this are not meant to die. And in story books they are compelled by all readers- 'Live!'

The story of your Father, defies known expectations of every day life. And now 'You are meant to go on Natalie. Live, thrive, Flourish and overcome it all, with the grace and poise that is You.'

All details of this article have been checked by Natalie, who has access to this forum. All details are factual and True. Name and location have been changed for privacy.

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