Long ignored by mainstream western medicine, the ancient models of healing such as Taoist medicine and Ayurveda have a beneficial role to play in supporting health. The biggest difference between the Cartesian western model of medicine and the two ancient models is that while the former is concerned with finding and treating what is wrong, the latter is occupied with the parameters for health and well-being. The ancient models in the form of Taoist and Ayurveda are polishing and refining in order to understand the individual from a truly whole / holistic perspective. All parts of the whole individual are examined, and their relationships and interconnectivity are understood, appreciated, and examined. The relationship between stressors- emotional and physical is important to identify. Finding the cause of dis-ease is one of the building blocks for regaining and maintaining health. There is no doubt an emotional and or ‘vital/subtle’ component to diseases. The ancient models were incredibly astute in finding links between emotional stressors, body types, and physical manifestations and ailments. As a practitioner, I find this knowledge extremely useful. Seeing the qualitative elements, and the intricate connections between body-mind-spirit and governing principles of nature such as the 5 elements, often brings surprise understandings and insights. This approach is purposely multidimensional and can be looked at from the perspective of Bio-Emotional-Mental-Supramental-Spiritual Terrain. Using this model for evaluation allows a discerning practitioner like myself to see connections and pose questions for self-inquiry, contemplation, and reflections. This in turn creates the ground for ‘quantum leaps’ and insights. As such, this then is the right environment and increases the factors necessary for healing as well as spontaneous healing to potentially unfold. Using the ancient models of healing, and incorporating the knowledge from modern techniques such as Rapid transformational therapy, hypnotherapy, along with using quantum health coaching provides an opportunity for in-depth analysis and understanding of the individual and their bio-terrain. Internal and External. Coupled with the Quantified Self Evaluation obtained from the use of digital health parameters, and the use of additional therapeutic models such as hypnotherapy, NLP, counseling, health coaching, digital biofeedback, and neurofeedback, it allows me to more effectively guide my clients toward a state of positive health. This is my approach. My gift of creativity also helps with unconventional and out of the box problem solving. I believe creating exceptional experiences is itself an artform and is the magic that helps lift a person up and away from the quarries of the present to connect with higher fields of infinite possibilities. I use this creativity to create experiential ‘therapeutic journeys’ which is deeply immersive visual, auditory and sensory, to access quantum leaps and insights. Some common themes I work with- Physical health, Self-Sabotage, Wealth and Manifesting Abundance, Confidence, Career, Relationships, Success, Motivation, Mental Focus etc. If it resonates, just send me a message and we'll have a chat to see if it's a fit for you. ​

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