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Emotional  Trauma
during this strange time of lockdown and quarantine


Grief can best describe what we are going through right now.   We are experiencing grief in the present moment.

We grieve for what has happened. We grieve for the loss of physical closeness with family and friends, to hug and be hugged. 
We grieve for the future and what it holds.  Is this the end of the world as we know it?

We can allow this fear to control and take over our lives. This is an emotionally traumatic time, as everything we have known is turned on its head.

Right here, right now, the opportunity presents itself to listen to our internal dialogue and change the narrative. Recognise the symptoms of emotional trauma and take action to minimise any long-term effects.


Because the truth is, harrowing as this situation is, those who were already burdened with anxiety, will find it probably even more challenging now. Chronic stress and suppressed emotions associated with past trauma/abuse, anxiety has been linked to 80% of serious mental health challenges.

Are you experiencing severe and sudden mood swings?
Sleep disturbances?
Emotional detachment or cognitive errors?
Misjudging and overreacting to situations?


Did you answer yes to some of these symptoms? If so, you could reduce stress and anxiety by taking up yoga, tai chi, meditation or art.  Perhaps start a diary or journal. Numerous free and paid online resources can be accessed during this time of self-isolation. 

Spending time in nature, particularly amongst trees also helps. If you are not able to get out of your home, then spend time breathing deeply and visualise being out in nature. 

As humans we are hard-wired with a need to connect with others. Engage with others, even if it is restricted to phoning or video calls.  Share and let someone you trust know how you are feeling. If possible, work with a therapist.  A trained therapist can help you reframe what you are going through at this moment and help you work through your emotions efficiently and skillfully.

Reach out now and find ways to help yourself over this difficult time.  Instead of avoiding your emotions, you can step into the eye of the storm, face your fears and emotions and grow through the experience.

If you are interested, this is the time to do it. Let's start building your personal powers, so you can start making the impact you were born to make.

Join me on a free call, where we can discuss your issues and make a plan for you. Book your call here. 

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