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In today's Corporate world, an ever-increasing level of pressure is placed on general staff, professionals, and leaders to perform to their peak. Professionals are expected to be resilient in the fast-paced dynamic of the information age.


Leaders are expected to initiate change, make tough decisions and establish a vision and path for the professionals and other staff within the organisation. This is over and above their daily operational duties. Great performance in the Corporate world demands wisdom and self-knowledge.


My training, courses and speaking engagements will help your professionals and general staff navigate through these increasing degrees of complexity and ambiguity, helping them to gain confidence, character, resilience, conviction and compassion.


Partner with me to strengthen your workforce from within, giving your company the cutting-edge advantage.


I build bespoke training and courses, according to your company requirements and needs of your staff. My training and courses can be done via webinars, in person, and online.

My latest offering is a multifaceted therapeutic course- Emotional Equilibrium, during this period of lockdown
It has been created especially for dealing with the current situation and crisis with COVID-19. It includes group work and one on one sessions delivered via webinar with delegates, for increasing wellness and emotional wellbeing and reducing the experience of emotions such as anxiety, loneliness, depression and stress.


If you are interested in booking this course for your company please email me at to request a Proposal Brochure. 


My speaking engagements can be delivered in the virtual space or face to face.  I speak on a variety of subjects including Success, Power of Mindset, Procrastination, Confidence, Sleep, Emotional Wellbeing, Leadership, Abundance, Trust, The Rules of the mind, Resilience and more.
If you are interested in booking a speaking engagement for your company, please email me at to discuss further. 

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