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Quantum Coaching Package

If you have something that you would like to change/transform/enhance/resolve in your life-

Take a moment to ask yourself, and let your imagination run free:
1 - What issues in your life do you need to resolve?

2 - What would solving these issues mean for you?

- Envision- how does your life look without these issues?

- What is the value of solving these issues for you?
5- Are you ready right now to dive into the process that will help you overcome your issues?

The five particular ways I work are:
1- Conscious Mind Work- Creating Your Blueprint
2- Subconscious-Mind Based Therapy (Including RTT® - Rapid Transformational Therapy, therapy/coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP)
3- Integrative Medicine - modern-day, and Secrets from Ancient Wisdom. (Physical and Vital body assessment and balancing. Includes individualized recommendations).
4- Individualised Constructive Tools for Self-Discovery

5- Intuitive Work, Guidance

You will gain Confidence, Focus, Clarity, Goal Setting, Career advice, Winners Mindset, Emotional Support and Guidance, Resilience, and more.

Appointments fill up fast, so book your program early to avoid disappointment!





Another very versatile program that is tailor-made to help resolve emotional or physical issues. It's geared towards getting rapid and lasting results by rewiring old beliefs. It is a streamlined 1-month program dealing with a single issue in a  more limited time frame. Multiple packages can be booked, with each program dealing with a single topic. It eliminates the need for multiple traditional sessions working on the same issue with a therapist. 



  • Working with a specialist with the possibility to resolve issues on a wide variety of subjects, one at a time

  • Precisely target origin-points of blocks, triggers and negative patterns

  • Re-configure them​: erase the outdated and unnecessary, and rewrite and re-wire the new and necessary

  • Learn to control and overcome triggers and Reactions

  • Very targeted and quick session

  • Feel on top of the World

  • Free from the shackles of the past and old hurts and traumas.

  • Smash away old beliefs and programs and everything that is coming in the way of Being that Better version of You

  • Love yourself

  • If you felt different, misunderstood and insignificant, learn how to turn that around and shift reality by shifting your consciousness and perceptions

  • Unlock Supreme Confidence

  • Feel happier and more positive

  • Build a supportive bond with Me and I will guide you towards the healing and transformation that you seek

  • You will feel Heard, Understood, Loved, and Cared for

What you get

- A Phenomenal-  2 hour Pure RTT or Combined Healing Therapy session
- 2 x Mind Body Spirit Success Coaching sessions with Isabella personally of 30 minutes each
- A Personalised, tailor-made Hypnosis Recording to heal and transform. Rewire old beliefs and unlock your potential for Being UNSTOPPABLE AND LIMITLESS.
- Click below for more details.

The therapy programs are built as a 1 month, or  2 month,  or 3  or 4 month packages which can be bought in multiple stacks.

(For RTT professionals, students or other discounts please email me)



Standard RTT therapy sessions will shift your beliefs & transform your life. It is possible to resolve your issues forever: from anxiety & depression to physical ailments, phobias & mental blocks. Generally it takes 1 to 3 sessions per issue.  RTT is a standalone therapy method that is based on neuroscience, and combines the most beneficial principals of Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy, NLP and CBT. RTT delivers rapid transformational results for many emotional, psychological and physical issues, by replacing the old belief system with the new, beneficial one. In most cases it will take a client from 1 to 3 RTT sessions to be fully free from their issue, and with a personalised recording and ongoing support, I make sure that my clients many successes don’t stop and keep going. RTT delivers a permanent change. Are you ready for it?

What you get

- A two-hour RTT® session to uncover and resolve the root cause of your issue and presenting symptoms for lasting freedom from your pain.

- A personalized transformational audio recording to listen to in the weeks after your session to lock in your new, empowering beliefs.

- A check-in call one week after your session to discuss your progress.

- A follow-up zoom meeting 21 days later.



Quantum Coaching Package is perfect to help people achieve their goals, using advanced multidimensional coaching methods with a holistic approach.  The packages are meant to help people remain focused on targets by having high focus sessions that keep people motivated and accountable.

Coaching Package goals may be purely health-related or purely personal development, or they may be a combination of both. In my understanding, I have come to understand that all things are related and influence each other, hence my Integrative and holistic healing approach. 

Are you ready to understand and balance your body and mind?
Are you ready to achieve ambitious goals and stay en-point?
Are you ready to pursue focus, drive, and be accountable?

Are you ready to be lovingly nurtured towards your goals and access powerful healing?
Here is your invitation to experience Integrative Medicine and ancient healing secrets, power coaching,  and create miracles in your life in every sphere.

You may invest in single sessions or in package bundles of 4 sessions each, which is by far the most popular choice.

Here is an example of the approach for a 4-session bundle for health goals
Session 1 -  Physical Body Balance and Vital Body balance based on Integrative Medicine and a holistic approach. This session is jam-packed with a thorough exploration and understanding of your particular body and how to balance it.
Session 2 - Understanding the role of the Vital body and how it is connected and correlated to particular emotions and blockages- physical and emotional. Physical blockages result in physical ailments and conditions. 
Session 3 - Working on the mental plane, and the mental body. Using coaching and exploration, but also some interactive and fun exercises to go into a deeper and fuller understanding of you and your axis points. 
Session 4 - A guided session deep diving into your subconscious (different for different issues), and or Self- Healing techniques taught. 
- Some additional takeaways of these sessions include for example- getting guidelines on how to balance YOUR body. And may also include additional guidelines such as Energy Healing/Marma/Acupressure/Lifeforce exercise, Meditations, Chakra medicine, etc for your particular case. 

What you get

- A phenomenal 90-minute Coaching Session each time
- Follow up via email
- Keeps you accountable to your goals
- You can book packages. Recommendation of a package of minimum 4 coaching sessions. 

*Note- All results are based on individuals, and no guarantees can be made about results.